A Visit To the Capital

Delhi over the time has evolved to be a most sort after destination for all tourists from both within and outside India.

The attraction which Delhi arouses can be attributed to the shopping places, the night life, the party circuit along with the monumental historicity of the city, its one place which promises to give tourists the hep, the glamour, along with affordability. It’s a place for the classes as well as the masses.

Delhi promises to keep the history lovers’ entrapped with the wide foray of monuments that it is enshrined with and at the same time is always buzzing with the glamour and the glitz for the chic and classy.

There seems to be a host of options with which our city promises to keep the tourists busy, be it the avid shopper or the party animal or those with a knack for its history, this city, promisingly is the best host to suffice the demand of such heterogeneity of tourists.

Delhi being the capital of the world’s second fastest growing economy is well endowed to stand up to the needs of the variety of tourists it plays host to. For the avid shoppers it offers a range of markets to choose from depending upon the economics of the tourists. For the spend thrifts it has in store the spacious and the luxurious malls, markets like m block, Khan Market, which are spurring with a new designer brand every fortnight. For the intelligent consumers there is an array of options to choose from like Karol Bagh, Central Market, and yet again for the ethnic and the adventurous there is Chaawri Bazaar and Sarojini Nagar regardless of the economic status Chandni Chowk is a sure shot place to visit for the impeccable feel of this capital city which has evolved to blend and balance the western culture with the Indian, and this market laying testimony to this fact.

Accommodation is yet another arena where Delhi supercedes all other metros. Depending upon the money, it offers a foray of options to choose from like the nominal hotels in Karol bagh and Daryaganj to lush and the luxurious five stars that are now mushrooming in the city.

For the party animals, true to its name of the party city, Delhi presents them with a range of clubs, pubs and lounges to choose from. From Agni to kuki to capitol to Morrison there are a myriad of lounges in the city open till wee hours of the morning, and to complement them a bandwagon of 24 hr outlets have hit Delhi with a vengeance.

For those brimming with curiosity over the history of the city, there is loads for them in the offering by this host city along with a myriad of monumental structures to complement them like Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, Jantar Mantar, and the red fort a few of which have been recognized by the UN as world heritage sites.

Lastly one thing which you wouldn’t want to miss in Delhi is the myriad of cuisines it offers in the palate to all. To savor the gastronomic delights of the foodies, Delhi has in its kitty a variety of cuisines ranging from Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Italian to our very own ‘Indian’.

A host of restaurants have mushroomed in Delhi to present the luscious cuisines like big chill, olives, qba etc. along with these classy restaurants the city has in store a range of roadside dhabbas, serving delectable food at nominal prices-a must visit for all !!

Each new turn in the city opens up an entire gamut of stories and tales yet unveiled. This city has been successful in balancing the new with the old, and in amalgamating the western influences with the Indian tradition.

It has all in store for you; it’s just the matter of the pocket and the choice!!!

For a passionate traveler, this is one place to look out for…

Mahima Chopra