A Weird Record

Akshat Saxena is in the Guinness records book for having the most ever fingers and toes. He was born with 34 digits (most people only have 20, so 14 extra is quite a lot).

Akshat Saxena in Guinness Records for Most Fingers and Toes. As most parents, the child’s mom Amrita Saxena was just happy to have a healthy baby. Akshat Saxena is her first child. The mom said, “I was so happy to see my baby as it was our first child. But later, when I saw his fingers, I was shocked and surprised.”

The child was born last year in India, and he has seven fingers on each hand and 10 toes on each foot. It is interesting that although he has more than the average person, he still has the same number on each hand and the same number on each foot.

Unfortunately, Akshat Saxena was born without thumbs, but doctors plan to make some out of his other digits, which they have surgically amputated, so he has the standard five per hand and foot. Although his extra fingers and toes are gone, he still holds the Guinness world record for being born with the most digits.

Have you ever seen a person who has extra fingers or toes? While this is something most parents check almost immediately after a child is born, it seems most are born with the standard 20.

Suman Sarna