A World Without Women!

“Push Mr. Sharma push! Open up your shaft! Let the baby come out!” It would be a maternity ward no more, but a paternity ward where a man would give birth to his son. He would feed him out of his own breast, cook for him, walk him to school and be his world. He would have to become a mother, socially as well as biologically, because soon we will have no women left for the job. Men cannot give birth, but leave that to the scientists. I am sure they will come up with something. They would have to, because at the rate at which female feticide is occurring, we will soon have no women left in the world!

Instead of men marrying a number of women, as is common in the Middle East, women will now have to marry many men, throughout the world. The Draupadi style of marriage will be back with a vengeance. Many men will have to share one wife as a result of shortage of women. Gay marriages will have to be legalized as there would be no females left to marry, and the dipping male to female sex ratio will continue to throw more such appalling scenes in our faces, till the day females become an endangered specie.

Ever wondered why we have such a situation in the first place? It is because of our preference for a male child, an offspring we can depend upon in old age, enjoy dowry acquired from his marriage and live off his earnings. It is because of these reasons that female fetuses are aborted, infant baby girls are left to die in bins. And this is why unfair treatment is meted out to young girls, such as not being allowed to study and married off at an early age. Even though an increasing number of boys are choosing not to stay with their parents and at times not supporting them financially as well, people’s mindsets have not changed about the girl child and the entire situation.

But what when we have no women? Brothers will have no sisters, fathers will have no daughters, boys will have no girlfriends and children will have no mothers. There would be no Raksha Bandhan, no Bhaiya Dooj, and Valentine’s Day and Karva Chuath will see men gifting or fasting for their boyfriends and husbands. There would be cases not of rape but only of sodomy. The few women left in the society will be protected like diamonds. And most likely be auctioned at biddings, and sold off to the person who pays the highest price for the sole female in the land.

We need not even go as far as the near future too see this, as already there are villages in Rajasthan and Punjab devoid of any girl child. The soon-to-become-extinct female race needs to be valued and treasured, not be discarded and left to die. The world would be lifeless without women. A woman is a mother, a homemaker, a sister, a friend – all rolled into one. We abort one fetus, we kill all of these in one go.

Shalini Rajvanshi

[Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/markwitton/408157987/]