A Year of Tragedy

As I sat in my garden sipping my morning cuppa, the calendar date caused a whirlpool of emotions inside my system. Though it has been a year since terror struck at our aamchi Mumbai, the wounds are still fresh and refuse to heal. The enormity of the disaster was shocking and had left us angry and bewildered. While the brave jawans risked their lives fighting the terrorists, our caretakers made blatant insensitive statements.

So while I sit here commemorating the event, lot many things brush past before my eyes. I still remember the iconic Taj blazing, thousands of innocent people fighting for their lives, the deafening gunshots, the bloodshed and scores of slain bodies. Some lost their parents, some lost their spouses, some lost their children, some lost their relatives but we all lost a sense of security and integrity. Mumbai, our financial and entertainment hub was ruthlessly torn into thousands shards right before our eyes. The counter attacks which lasted for several hours created a lot of furore and also became a subject of mockery among many. How could terrorists last for so long in front of a well equipped army? The answer to this question still remains an enigma.

After the attacks, people also left no stone unturned in expressing their views. The candle light vigils, marches, vociferous online comments and the entire hullabaloo in the blogsphere were few of the highlighting aftermaths of the attacks. So very expectantly, I browsed through the internet stream to read how people feel after this one long year and what is in store for the day. Unfortunately, I did not find much. Except for few quiet marches, everything is calm and probably relaxed. It makes me wonder, have we really forgotten that destructive incident or is it that that since we were not directly affected by it, it has become just another day for us?

Our memories are always very short lived. We only seem to remember that directly affect us or our loved ones. Why is that in a quick turnaround time we forget what happened to our fellow citizens? Why are we always so selfish and self centred? Why is that we only bother ourselves with events directly concerning us? The 26/11 tragedy was a huge loss to many and yet even our government seems to have forgotten it. After the incident, warnings were given to Pakistan and terrorist groups, deadlines were mentioned, wrath was expressed; but after a year when I see no actions being taken it makes me wonder if all that display of emotions was a sham! The fate of lone survivor terrorist, Kasab is still to be decided. The delay in everything just depicts how invaluable our lives are and how we are taken for granted. Even after a year, we do not know how exactly the attacks were planned and carried out, who was responsible and what help they had. These unanswered questions only ignite the flames of concern and worry in our hearts.

So while many of us shed tears today, feel the pain of the tragedy, many of us just carry out our daily chores in complete oblivion of the sufferings of people. On this day, I just request everybody to be together in times of tragedies and not only think about themselves, we must be united in all fronts and that is the only way to ward off terrorism. But given the state of political environment of our country, I just have one question to ask; are we really safe?

Shikha Tandon

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hmmmmm/2476316958/]