A Yule Croon

That time of the year again…

When gifts come in expected
And apologies are politely accepted.

Gusts of wind blow past the face,
That grin intact behind the muffler encase.

I scoot around like a feather in a breeze,
When blizzards sweep around threatening to toss the firmest abbeys.

This morning saw me in a bakery;
And a jamboree of housewives out with scuttles, donning finery.

Asked the counter for some Christmas pudding;
Anxious to be out before the frenzied morning flooding.

A warm smile and a handout later,
I spiral my way out the glitzy rotor.

Santa at the gates sends me off with a kiss,
And a “Ho ho ho Merry Christmas Miss!”

Carols jiving to the beats of bells,
Souls streaming out of their shells.

Nuns out on canvassing;
Strolling out in peace whites; they throw me a smile in passing.
Signs of sorrow, albeit transiently, effacing.

Smiles on little cute orphans,
Warm cake and milk, happens not too often.
Their little hands soaking the heat from the simmering cauldron,
Childish glee as in their mouths melts Bourbon.

Greeting cards in hand, the facade beautified with pencil shavings,
Put together with tiny nimble forsaken hands…colouring, cutting, filling rose buttons into stavings.
Until they’ve carved out cards prettier than Archies could ever make ‘em with all their dazzled engraving,
Holding them to invalids and planting smiles; these tots with a spirit in them unwavering.

Streets strewn and the air floaty with confetti,
Everything looks pretty; chic or petty.

Laughter lets out fogs of hazy steam,
Gleaning off faces that were once part of the team,
Ghosts of the long lost friendly banter and scream,
Now no more than mates who meet up once a blue moon over coffee and cream.

Skimming over snow to and fro,
Safe inside ugg boots the small toe is…as is its big bro.
Swooning and scooping up a ribbony mistletoe.
Wallowing in my first snow.
Letting Yule flavour grow.
For those down under,
May “Silly season” get foot-tapping thunder,
Blessed with a weather milder,
Without the hassles of cinder.
Razzmatazz & Carols by Candlelight.
Overshadowing the twilight.

I dance to a music chorded and worded in my blood churning with excitement,

A potent potion for the most blatant of my ailments…
Be it fact or figment.
Ointment on my last oddment.
With every new gift at the foot of my X Mas tree,
I am compelled to agree.
Out has come the child within, free from every decree.
Gazing at the presents with longing, from dark late to the hours wee.
As the year draws into its deadline,

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas 2009!
It’s sure been sweet in parts and in parts brine.
Time’s come to give into some cloudy sunshine,
Make merry…wine n dine!

Shruthi Venukumar

[Image courtesy:http://www.flickr.com/photos/luchilu/2122762150/]