A Zombie Film In India


People are intrigued by the trailer of Go Goa Gone

Zombie apocalypse may or may not happen, but the concept is definitely taking over the world. From popular shows like The Walking Dead and films like Warm Bodies hovering over young minds, zombies are pretty much “in” this season. Zombie survival guides, memes, videos, pranks, and anti-zombie squads (friends making pacts) are the new attractions all over the media.

In the Western culture zombies have always been a topic of interest and attraction. In the classic Michael Jackson song “Thriller” the undead danced with the pop star and amazed the world. From gaming, to music, to merchandise- zombies never seem to go out of style and people are drawn to the concept worldwide.

But what was unexpected was Bollywood catching on to the trend so quick.

In the recently released trailer of Go Goa Gone, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, and Saif Ali Khan are seen fighting zombies, those too foreign zombies. Even in the trailer they are baffled that India has zombies instead of the everyday ghosts we hear about. It’s mentioned that globalization has brought so much of the Western culture into the country, zombies are a part.

And it’s true isn’t it?

We are used to having ugly witches, scantily clad female ghosts, little children ghosts, and the downright lecherous ghosts preying on poor women in the Indian cinema. Even recently, Aatma was a film where an abusive husband turns into a ghost and haunts his wife and daughter. It was a typical horror film complete with a priest warding away the evil.

When among the black magic and charged up ghost movies comes a film with people blowing the heads off of ugly, flesh-eating zombies, it’s bound to interest the audience. Another charm is Saif Ali Khan playing a blond, desi-Russian zombie hunter; even better.

There is a twist though; this film is zom-com not a horror film. Zom-com- zombie comedy- is a genre never explored before in India, and the audience looks forward to it.




zom-com-movieAlthough slap-stick comedies and horror films do not do well with the Indian audience, this film’s trailer shows promise. Usually directors aren’t able to execute a good story and go over the top. There is still a fear of cheesiness for Go Goa Gone with bikini-clad Puja Gupta gyrating to music; a weird romantic angle is expected.

Although the trailer was quite entertaining, the film can still be a disastrous result.

Will it be a hit or a miss, we’ll have to wait and see.

Ambika Chauhan

Image Source [http://cdn.koimoi.com/wp-content/new-galleries/2013/03/saif-plays-a-zombie-hunter-in-go-goa-gone-1.jpg]