A Swimsuit Calendar And A Shameful Mob

woman.jpgThe information this article contains is not new or rather, I must put it this way, I hope it is not new to anyone who reads it; yet the point I want make was apparently not visible to many and hence I felt the need to voice it.

Every year, one of the leading businessmen of our nation collects the most elite models in the country, the best of photographers, and then gets a photo shoot done at one of the world’s most exotic locations. What comes out gets sold like hot cakes and that is the year’s most awaited calendar. Why? Because every page of the calendar has a “hot babe” for you to look at, and savor the flavour of the grand product. Though it’s not the first time this calendar has been launched and even though it is hardly accessible to an ordinary man (it is exclusive and yet in demand), my sole argument here is this – why only /mostly female models?

If at such a supposedly high level we do not hesitate in commoditization of our women, then how do we expect a drunken mob to behave with the highest moral standards?

I am not being devil’s advocate here and I agree that all those who were involved in that heinous crime should be punished. All I am trying to put forth is the issue of what and how exactly we are building a society with a value system and sensitivity to its women.

The calendar is an isolated case. Even though an NGO has also come up with a calendar portraying women who have played a role in bringing about change at grass root level, there was hardly any media coverage for that, a contrast to the swimsuit calendar. Hence, is it just about flaunting good looks in absolute minimal clothing or are we, in the name of liberation, sending out a wrong message? Let us ask the question of how many of the models got empowerment because of this calendar; the answer is, sadly, none. It is because these women are independent and liberated that they could participate for such a shoot.

If products like these, or advertisements, like one by a reputed company which sells deodorants for men, and portrays women as ‘sex objects’, is screened on our national television, then why and how can we not expect the animal instinct of a drunkard to be enticed by a woman who walks out of a five star hotel in the typical ‘page 3 dress’?

In a country which is still progressing and evolving, we need to uplift mindsets and not clothes (pun intended). What we need is an encouraging moral conduct, giving respect to values and the human life. Else it would be hard to have any more “Happy New Years”.

Meghna Baveja