A Toast

Let’s raise a toast

A toast to the stardom of an ordinary man

As he sways past the Page 3’s

From juices to champagnes and wines

From being spineless to breaking spines

From a bachelor to being a ‘dude’

From a chivalrous gentleman to being diplomatically rude

He is besotted with the attention and attraction

He has indeed reached great heights with much expected aberrations.

Let’s raise a toast

A toast to our times;

Times where we police morals and not heinous crimes

Times where money and power talk and not talent in its prime

Times where news is all about decorated bunch of views and reviews

Let’s raise a toast

A toast to the future; about which we so confidently boast

A future where every ordinary man is a celebrity

A future where immoral mortals might still reside in the house of our deity

A future deprived of all familial bonds and ties

A future where perhaps we raise a toast for reaching out to the skies!

Meghna Baweja