A Victim of Indian Pathos


As I opened the newspapers this morning, I felt disgusted, angry, helpless and miserable. I too felt like a victim, like all those who had been raped, murdered and robbed. The only difference was that I had been robbed of my trust, raped of values and my faith in the society had been murdered. For the next two hours, I couldn’t concentrate on what I was studying. I felt hollow from within, felt like someone whose soul had been robbed.

As we move towards “progress” and “development”, our society still remains a complete failure if women cannot move freely on the streets without the fear of being raped; if senior citizens cannot live peacefully without the fear of being robbed and murdered; if students commit suicide for the fear of underperforming. Where the hell are we all heading? I remember, it was just two days back, I was telling my friend how much I love my country and how much I am proud of it. Unfortunately, I am now forced to rethink.

It is completely horrendous, I have no other words to describe how I feel.

Consider this: A girl is raped, and she is made to shuffle between two police stations because none are ready to register her complaint. Let our police officers shirk from their responsibilities. Do they have to be heartless as well?

Consider the following figures: Reports suggest that there were 120 dowry deaths, 533 rape cases and 629 molestation cases in Delhi in the year 2007, which is much higher as compared with other mega cities. Delhi, in fact, accounted for 31.2 per cent of the total rape cases reported in big cities. Where is our society heading? towards oblivion? or self-destruction?

I am deeply appalled but I know one thing for sure – it is completely futile to blame the Government. After all, it is of we the people, by the people, and for the people! Our Law-and-Order System exists, but just on paper. Several years go by before an investigation happens, and by then evidences are destroyed. The burden of justice passes from one generation to the next, decade after decade. Crimes are committed and hundreds of them go unreported. Rampant corruption, bribery, nepotism, dishonesty.

Our carefree nature, the ability to buy justice, slow judiciary system – we can blame a lot of factors. However, are we, as a society, not responsible for our actions? I do not wish to put the entire blame on the judiciary system, because I firmly believe it is in action where the solution lies, and not in words.

So what is the solution? Our country which prides itself in its values is actually clinging on to a non-existent value system. Our value systems are collapsing and vanishing into oblivion; they will be extinct before we know it. This is an era of false ethics, hollow principles and a double-faced society. And it is a failure on the part of our society as we haven’t been able to sustain those values, cherish them and uphold them.

I am telling you, it hurts, it hurts a lot. I am completely heartbroken, for the love I had for my country and its people is fading away…

Surbhi Bhatia

[Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mezarc/2034592875/]