AA battery Chargers

With the availability of AA battery chargers, you can now travel without having to worry about your camera or other products falling short of charge. AA battery chargers have now started coming in lots of variants. Unlike the previous type of chargers which worked only with designated AC outputs, today they work with different type of voltages which range from 100 to 240 volts. The cameras in use these days require a lot of battery power as they come packed with color LCDs, auto focus systems, motorized zoom lenses, hardware, and multi pixel lenses. These consume a lot of battery power, hence the increasing need for AA battery chargers. AA battery chargers are able to automatically detect non rechargeable alkaline batteries and fluctuations in the input voltage by overheating and cutting off charge immediately. Forcefully charging non rechargeable batteries can end up damaging the charger and in some extreme cases might even result in the battery overheating and blasting.

AA battery chargers are the most common chargers available in the market due to the high usage of AA batteries. Even though there are a variety of AA batteries available in the market such as lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, alkaline batteries etc, the technology allows customers to use a single AA battery charger for the different variants of batteries available.

There are a number of companies which sell AA battery chargers. There are also some online sites which sell custom built chargers at substantially cheaper rates. These chargers are designed in a way so that they can charge 10 batteries simultaneously at any given point of time. With AA battery chargers it takes 10 to 15 minutes to charge a battery to its full capacity. These chargers also show the charging status of the battery through a display system. Some of the companies that develop AA battery chargers are Ultra Last, Uniross, Sony, Samsung, Duracell etc.