AA Rechargeable Battery

An AA rechargeable battery is one of the oldest types of battery still used in almost all portable electronic devices. AA battery basically determines the dimension of the battery which is a standard for devices such as flashlights, cameras, walk-man, disk-man etc. An AA rechargeable battery can be utilized over and over again by charging it with the proper battery charger. The dimension of a standard AA rechargeable battery is 51mm in length and 13.5 to 14.5 mm in diameter depending upon its usability.

AA rechargeable battery can be made out of different chemical compositions. The most common AA rechargeable battery is the zinc chloride battery which is commonly used in all our day to day portable appliances. But with the advent of technology, the AA batteries are made in a way that they can support easy recharging and also give maximum output and longer battery life. AA rechargeable lithium batteries, NiCad rechargeable batteries, NiMH rechargeable batteries, lithium ion batteries etc are some high capacity batteries which are made to meet the demands of heavy power seeking devices such as digital cameras, disk-man etc. An AA rechargeable battery should only be charged using an AA battery charger. Any other charger will not be able to charge the battery and might just end up damaging the battery. Use only those battery chargers which give maximum output and are smart.

An AA rechargeable battery comes with different capacities depending upon the make and the chemicals used. Zinc carbon batteries give around 400 to 900 mAh capacity while the high capacity batteries give something around 1700 mAh to 3000 mAh.

AA rechargeable batteries created by various companies available in the market such as Energizer rechargeable AA batteries, Duracell rechargeable AA batteries, Bower rechargeable AA batteries, Canon rechargeable AA batteries, Rayovac rechargeable AA batteries etc are some of the best AA rechargeable battery manufacturers.