Aarushi Talwar…Innocence Lost

The Aarushi murder case seems like a perfect plot of an Abbas-Mustan thriller, every day bringing in new twists and turns and even more shocking revelations. However, the similarity ends just there because this is reality, a reality which is hard to believe because it involves the brutal murder of a young girl and her servant under very suspicious circumstances.

Although Aarushi has died, the ordeal for her family has just begun.

Her family had not even come to terms with her death when the police arrested her father as a suspect and went around the town claiming their lightening fast speed in cracking the case. It was hard to believe that her own father could kill her and his servant, because unlike any village from U.P or Bihar this was Noida an urban township were such cases are unheard of… The Talwar’s were educated and came from a respectable strata of the society and represented people like you and me. People to this day believe, that arresting Rajesh Talwar (Aarushi’s father) was an attempt by the police to cover up their blunders while searching for Hemraj, the servant’s body. The case has been transferred to the CBI for now, and everyone is eagerly waiting to know what actually happened on that fateful night.

Feeding on this huge public interest, in this case Ekta Kapoor has decided to play a similar plot like Aarushi’s murder in one of her soaps. But is commercializing a child’s murder to one’s benefit, the right thing to do?? People are angry and feel the timing couldn’t have been worse. The case is close to being solved and such an episode can influence the public and the media, which jeopardizes further investigations. Aarushi’s mother has appealed to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) to stop the episode from being on air but unfortunately the law can’t stop Balaji from doing so. Nupur Talwar is a distressed lady, fighting for her daughter and her husband’s justice and their character assassination in the media in the form of derogatory reports about her daughter’s relationship with the servant, or her husband’s alleged affair with his colleague, fake mms and now this episode.

Nivedita Basu, on her part as the creative head of Balaji telefilms has denied all charges and in defense said that the much talked about episode depicts the social stigma of “honor killing” and any resemblances to the Aarushi case are purely co-incidental. Kudos to her for bringing up such social evils but couldn’t Balaji wait for the case to at least get over, because no matter what they say it seems that they want to cash in on this opportunity to up their TRP’s. Ekta’s soaps are followed by large no of people and what they see is what they believe. What happens in that episode may not have happened in reality but such is the power of television that it invariably influences people’s mindsets, and that is exactly what Nupur Talwar is up against.

With late night CBI raids at the Talwar’s residence, lie detector tests on the Doctors compounder Krishna, one can only wish that case gets solved soon and the killer is put behind bars. Only then can Aarushi’s family breathe a sigh of relief after going through their most trying times and hopefully Aarushi’s troubled soul also finds peace.

Abhimanyu Singh

[Image courtesy: http://www.daijiworld.com/images1/arushi_052308-3.jpg]