Abhishek P. Totla Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Honorable Prime Minister of India,

My name is Abhishek and I am writing you this letter under the PMji Samjhoji Letter-a-thon organized by The Viewspaper. You can understand my desperation to communicate with you by the fact that I am writing this letter even though the contest organizers haven’t promised an iPad to the winner.

There are lots of things in India that aren’t going as planned by you, your cabinet of ministers or Sonia Gandhi. I don’t blame you.

I am a cubicle dweller and therefore I know you can give your best but in the end its team work that ensures project success. Hence, like a boss instead of just you I blame you and your entire team for the mess my country is currently in.

Before writing this letter I googled your wikipedia entry and found out you are older than my grandfather and have been in public service before Sachin Tendulkar started playing international cricket. Looking at your academic qualifications and work experience I am absolutely sure, you know much better than me what are the major challenges India faces today and how can we conquer them. To give you advice on public governance is like me telling SRT please shift your stance bit towards off stump to avoid getting bowled.

It may not be stupid a suggestion but it’s going to be ignored because Sachin Tendulkar has scored 100 centuries and I retired from cricket after school to pursue my dream of becoming an MBA. Still I am writing this letter.

The reason I am writing you this letter is because I want to discuss my salary slip with you. Thanks to Mr A. Raja we today have a scam with more zeros in the end than the number of figures in my salary and the lowest voice calling rates in the world. Due to this Mr A. Raja is currently out of jail on bail and the only smses I receive is from my teenage cousins and my bank. Nothing makes me happier than the salary credited to your bank account sms and you might be oblivious to this fact but as per my salary slip there is a difference between my gross pay and net pay. The culprit being the Income tax deducted at source.

The reason I pay Income tax is not because I am a masochist. I pay it because I think it’s my duty. I believe the income tax I pay must be used to build India’s infrastructure, educate children, fight malnutrition, maintain law and order or refunded instead of being wasted on convening a session of Parliament that meets only to be adjourned 15 minutes later. I work minimum 8 hours a day in office and I expect the people who are in charge of leading my nation to work harder. If the politicians of my country cannot offer me a leadership that matches the minimum standards I expect then don’t blame me for trying to escape to a country that does. Probably that’s why we have so much brain drain that we are among the top most countries when it comes to foreign remittance.

I am sure lots of people before me would have written to you about the issue of washout parliament sessions in much better English with far more logical arguments. They must have used facts, pie charts, diagrams and quotes from Chanakya Niti to bring to your attention the importance of a functioning parliament. Allow me to try a different method. Let me use an allegory. It surely is not perfect but I think it captures my views succinctly.

Let’s say I have a brother named Shyam who has IQ of 180 (a common Indian’s score is usually between 140-160). Due to his intelligence we are quite sure Shyam will go to IIT. However, there is one problem. Just like any other teenager in India Shyam is addicted to facebook. To ace JEE-IIT Shyam needs to delete his facebook account and study. Spending time on facebook means Shyam is not studying just like an adjourned Parliament means it is currently not working for the progress of the nation. Just like Shyam can go to IIT and ensure a comfortable life for himself the same way only by passing bills and discussing issues of public concern in both the houses of the Parliament can this nation move forward.  

I think I have made my point. Buddha said life is difficult. We all have problems. During work when I encounter a problem I don’t stand up and start shouting saying everybody stop work until my problem is solved. Such a behavior would get me fired. Please note that I am not saying it’s you and not the opposition that is guilty of the standoff. However, when a whole parliamentary session is washed out I start believing the ruling coalition is as guilty of obstructing the progress of the nation as much as the Opposition and my dear leader we both know two wrongs never make a right.

At the end of the letter I wish you success in your each and every endeavor. It may sound cliché but I believe your success means success of India and its citizens.

Jai Hind.

Yours sincerely,

Abhishek P. Totla

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.