About to Begin

I live in a beautiful house
Walls colored in magenta, aqua,
Yellow, blue and ebony
Candles on the mantle
With flames of hope
Flicker in the wind,
Pictures of my dreams
Adorn those painted walls.


I’ve loved being indoors
Being in my comfortable palace,
Then one day…
I heard a tap on my window,
One that I couldn’t ignore
Looked out for the first time
To see an eagle swoop down
On shards of broken glass
Not a pleasant sight,
But I couldn’t look away


I realize the eagle’s meaning
Only a little too late
I’ve been here long enough
Looking out won’t do
I need to open the door;
The door to reality
The eagle is waiting
I need to step out and
Walk on the wreckage.


I know it will hurt
My delicate feet
And I’m frozen at the thought
But I will carry myself through
I maybe numbed by the pain
But the agony is about to begin!


Vandita Naroola