About Us

The Viewspaper is in simple words the voice of the youth. It is not just a youth paper. It is a paper for everyone. The only difference is that only the youth can write for it. The Viewspaper is a platform to the youth.

This platform is large enough for the world to sit and listen to what the youth want. If anybody wants to know what the youth think about a certain topic then this is the place they come to.

The Viewspaper is what you want it to be. The look, feel and functionality of the paper changes according to your taste and preference. This paper is your platform, your place to voice you opinions.

The youth have throughout history made a huge difference to the world, yet there has always been a tendency for people to not take them seriously. We are changing that.

Alexander conquered the world by the age of 32, Akbar the greatest Mughal emperor was crowned king at the age of 13, the most charismatic US president John F Kennedy was young, even the most charismatic Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi symbolized the youth.

Youth symbolize dreams. It symbolizes the power to break rules, to think beyond, to make a difference, to be the future.Express yourselves and we will take your views to the world. In our hearts we believe that we have started a revolution. It is growing. A revolution that is taking the world by storm.

Are you part of it?


Launched in August 2007 –  The Viewspaper is fast emerged to become India’s largest youth paper.  Based on the citizen journalist format it has had around 3000 young people who have contributed to it till now. The Viewspaper has presented at Proto.in  which is India’s showcase event for startups. It was also nominated to participate in the Tata NEN – India’s hottest start up competition and  was shortlisted for the Manthan Awards in 2008.

It has been covered and appreciated by various media such as Hindustan Times, Indian Express and  NDTV and has been credited in creating a platform for the youth and a new niche in media.

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