Action Against Terrorism

July 13th 2011, for the 22nd time in the past 6 years, India was stuck by a terrorist attack taking the total to 105 blasts, and over 918 deaths and 2533 injured. And the very next day, I see a news report about the ‘spirit of Mumbai’ and how everything was back to normal, like nothing ever happened. I wonder if we have so gotten used to these attacks over the years that we have started to ignore them. We have accepted the inaction of the government. We lack our basic security that the government was supposed ensure us with and we seem to be okay with that. I can’t help but ask why I pay a life tax when I am not sure I will have one?

We cannot accept the condemnation and compensation as the government’s response to every attack like we did all the previous times. It is high time we demanded ‘actions’ and not words from them.

When I say ‘action’ against terrorism I don’t mean or want the government to kill the captured terrorists or supporters right away. I understand the importance of investigation and its contribution to curb terrorism through the information extracted from them. I also want the public to realise that killing of the terrorist or the supporters will not totally curb the issue. These are the people who have been inoculated to the belief that their sacrifice leads them to god and salvation. So their death is not exactly going to stop others from joining these activities with the fear, as we would hope, but instead might further encourage their misconception that terrorism is their easy way to salvation. So the actions we seek from the government are:

1) Implement formidable laws against terrorism so as to bring the guilty to justice within a short period of time and not ages away from the incident.

2) Increase the force of anti terrorism squads and intelligence agencies. Present the successful functioning of these to the public through media every year in a form of a report. So as to gain the trust of the public that these groups are not another bunch of government officials whiling away the public resources with no significant contribution.

3) Work towards bringing in the awareness to public that terrorism does not belong to a religion or region. Use media and campaigns to focus on the fact that act of violence on a person or a group is not the act of an entire religion but by a wrongly guided, brain washed radical group that performed it. These campaigns should help bring in the awareness that India is a country that allows people of all religions to live together in peace and harmony, unlike what the terrorist group project to attract immature minds.

4) Work together with the other nations of the world in blocking the very sources of income for the terrorist groups. To buy explosives, weapons and train people for terrorism is not a cheap task, it requires crores of money. The sources for these huge monetary inputs are mostly extortions, kidnaps, drug dealing etc, If these activities can be controlled by the police successfully there wouldn’t be income source for them to survive in the first place.

Pranay Puchakayala