Adarsh Kumar Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister


The Prime Minister,

Sub: Regarding the major problems in India

Respected sir,

First of all, I thank you for the precious time you have given to read this letter. I wish to attract your concentration towards the above mentioned subject. I think my suggestions will help to eradicate such problems.

Our India is lacking the two basic needs – food and education. Ultimately, their effects can be seen viz. unemployment, diseases, thievery and corruption too.

A large part of India is in the trap of hunger. It is the first problem. That’s why most of the people concentrate only earning food. They can’t think about education. The primary need must be fulfilled.  I think it’s all due to improper utilization of resources, whether it is on the level of the individual or administration. Today, in cities, the literacy rate is not bad. But the people are still unemployed.

I want to draw your attention towards the education system in India only. In India, many of the graduates are not getting any job. Most of the B. Tech. graduates are still seeking a job. You can tell the reason of competition and the grade of qualification they got. But what about them? Are they not talented? The quality of education hinders their progress. Most of the MBAs are of no use.  They have a degree but not the knowledge. Why? Most institutions in India are useless today. They are not too efficient and lack experienced faculty and resources. But, they are recognized by university. Is there any standard to check the quality of education? Certainly, the answer is no.

Why are the efforts of students considered only in their progress reports? Are they closed systems? Are they not affected by the environment? In my view, that’s the reason the India is still need a proper system of education.

The subjects taught need practical verification too in front of students. It will enhance their curiosity and open a new and efficient way to research. That’s the field from where science and technology should grow. All other solutions for the major problems are directly proportional to this. After all, an individual is integrated to a nation.

That’s all I wish to say.

Thanks a lot for hearing me out,

Adarsh Kumar Patel

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.