Addi Water Cooler

The Addi Water cooler is indeed a name you can trust when looking for water coolers in the market. Equipped with the best technology when it comes to delivering fine quality water coolers, they are indeed the best water coolers around.

Stylish design and comfort in usage, it’s intelligent operating system makes it an envious possession. So if you are looking at getting a sleek and stylish water cooler for your kitchen, you should indeed consider the many benefits that the Addi water cooler can bring to your home.

The Addi water cooler comes with the 3 in 1 advantage. Which basically means it works towards filtering, cooling and keeping the water cold. With the electric Addi water cooler you can ensure that you will get cold water any time of the year and any time of the day. The special filter ensures that you get constant supply of clean drinking water that is free from all chlorine, taste and odour.

The Addi water cooler is extremely versatile. You can convert it into a mini bar by simply removing the filter and filling it with juice or wine. It’s excellent for when friends come over and it will surely make life convenient for you.

Addi water coolers boast about durability and excellent quality. You do not have to worry about changing the filter every month. On an average the filter can clean up to 105 gallons of water which means you will have to change the filter just once every three months.

In fact the Addi water cooler is perfect for your home and office. Its spigots dispense both hot and cold water. So you can enjoy a cold glass of water on a hot day and settle for hot coffee or soup on a cold day. The Addi water cooler has been awarded an energy efficiency star rating, so you can relax, as it is not going to take up too much electricity while ensuing you get safe drinking water at all times.