Addico Water Cooler

Perfect for home or office, the Addico water cooler is indeed one of the best water coolers available in the market today. With its intelligent operating system and unique features it is a must have for every office and home.

So, if you are in the market and looking for a water cooler that filters, cools and keeps cold your water for you, the Addico water cooler is the one you should buy. And it just does not cool and keep the water cold. It also dispenses hot water. Two separate spigots ensure that you get clean drinking hot or cold water whenever you want.

Its sleek design and style make it a great space saver, you can purchase an Addico water cooler and keep it anywhere at your office or home. Once you get it home, get ready to draw some excellent compliments about your taste.

The Addico water cooler works on a basic 3 in 1 system. The cooler filters the water, cools it and keeps it cold throughout the day. It works on electricity and has been awarded an energy saving certificate, so you can sit back and relax because you water cooler is not adding up too many units to your electricity bill.

The best thing about the Addico water cooler is that it can double up into a mini bar. So you don’t have to keep rushing into the kitchen for re fills. Just drain out all the water from the cooler and use it to store wine or cold juice.

Amazing isn’t it? A single filter lasts you up to 105 gallons and needs to be replaced only every three months. It is a unique product and the Addi water cool is indeed becoming the preferred choice of people who like to remain healthy with generous consumption of water daily.