My Obsession With The Twilight Saga

The end has come. The soldiers are ready to battle it out for the protection of their loved ones. After an amazing run, 2008-2012, the Twilight saga offers up its final installment: Breaking Dawn Part II.

The movie has been creating a lot of buzz since the beginning –with the new actors who join in as the vampire count increases in this one, to the “vampiric” sex scenes, the interesting little Renesmee and Jacob getting it from mama Cullen. This movie offers what Twihards around the world have been waiting for since the very first installment. Also, due to the personal buzz around the actors who play the leads (KStew’s scandal… Her reunion with RPatz, etc.) have generated a lot of attention for the final movie.

I am a Twihard but I’ll try to be neutral in my review for this movie. The movie begins with the background score (by Carter Burwell – hats off to him!!!) Twilight Overture, which is a mix of all the background scores from the previous movies – “Bella Reborn” (BD part 1), “Mountain Peek” (Eclipse), “The Meadow” (New Moon) to “Bella’s Lullaby” (Twilight).

The movie starts off where BD part 1 leaves us – Bella wakes up as a newborn vampire. Her heightened senses and her strength have been visually described through the scene. The “first hunt” is something to watch out for, as we see Bella as a strong, independent – no longer clumsy – girl who does not need our hero (Edward) to rescue her.

The movie’s first half is full of light and fluffy moments, including the much-awaited sex scenes. Even Jacob, our constantly pained werewolf is finally happy! He gets the girl, but not before having his butt kicked by mama Cullen.  My favourite scene would be when Jacob meets Charlie in his backyard – most of the fans would have probably figured out which scene I’m talking about; if not then go on, watch the movie people!

The final battle: the word itself is enough to get the adrenaline pumping in you; the collection of new vampires with their awesome powers is a refreshing change from that of the Cullens. Benjamin (from the Egyptian Clan) controls the elements of earth, Kate (Denali Clan) has the power to control voltage, Zafrina (Amazonian clan) can make people see what she wants them to, etc.

The Volturi’s peace-makers are unmasked and their real psychopathic nature comes to the forefront, especially Aro – Michael Sheen does a fabulous job in capturing the various shades of Aro, especially his diabolical laugh! Jane is seen inflicting pain, nothing new there… We do get a glimpse of Alec’s powers; Marcus is still a bored vampire on-screen; Caius has some interesting points, but Aro steals the show through and through.

The new actors have done an amazing job; my favourites include Benjamin and Garrett. After watching Garrett come to life on screen – I was like, “Bye bye Edward” – I’m Team G! Lee Pace plays Garrett and it’s hard not to fall in love with this red eyed nomad.

The Romanians are the most interesting coven – providing comic relief throughout the second half and leading up to the battle. These guys have just one thing in mind ­­– “kill the Italian scum!”

The music is just amazing; Carter Burwell works his magic once again. “Renesmee’s Lullaby” is beautiful, a track that was inspired by Burwell’s own daughter – which makes it all the more personal. As far as the soundtrack is concerned, Christina Perri returns with the second version of “A Thousand Years”. Joining in is Green Day, with the song “The Forgotten”. Also, Nikki Reed (who plays Rosalie) joins her husband, Paul McDonald, for the track, “All I Have Ever Needed”. St. Vincent comes back with “The Antidote” – he was earlier a part of the New Moon soundtrack (“Roslyn”).

Passion Pit, Iko, Ellie Goulding, The Boom Circuits, etc. can also be heard in the soundtrack.A quick look at the business side of things (courtesy: IMDB)

Estimated Budget: 120,000,000 dollars

Opening Weekend Earnings:  141,067,634 dollars (The United States of America) (18 November, 2012) (4070 Screens)

Gross Earnings:  141,067,634 dollars (The U.S.) (18 November 2012)

Quite a commendable job done!

Last but not the least, the ending credits provide a tribute which is the final goodbye.

My advice to other fans of the Twilight franchise: do not go without a whole pack of tissues – you’ll need them!

Haters: go and watch the amazing end and search for something new to hate because this movie does not disappoint anyone.

Garima Singh

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