Adopting from an Orphanage

The work of the volunteers at an orphanage is quite interesting. If you decide to be a volunteer then there are quite a few places where you can volunteer. These include schools, hospitals, old age homes and orphanages.

Most orphanages are quite different from each other. They work differently with different perspectives and agendas. Normally they prefer individuals from a certain age bracket with a certain amount of energy and enthusiasm. Most Orphanages do not employ volunteers who are facing health issues.

A number of Orphanages make the volunteers pay to be associated with the orphanage. This is specially prevalent for international volunteers. This is required so as to cover the cost of lodging, food, training and other expenses.

Since people invest there time in volunteering and do not get even get some token payment they find it difficult to even sustain themselves. Most orphanages on the other hand charge their volunteers to sustain themselves. This has resulted in the situation that even though there are large vacancies in orphanages there are not enough people who are willing to volunteer.

Volunteer programs are run at various different scales. These can spread from international volunteer programs to national programs to even ones at a local level. The main focus of all these programs to provide children with the very basic necessities of life such as shelter, food, water and clothing.

Orphanages provide various services. They run day care centers where children from slums can come during the day and interact with other children. They also allow children with no family support to stay at the orphanage and provide the children with food, shelter and clothing. Orphanages not only take care of the physical needs of children but also take care of their mental and emotional needs.

As a volunteer at an orphanage you can provide these children with your love and provide them with a sense of care.

The orphanages offer various programs for their volunteers.

They offer

– Informal education

– Activities such as games, arts and crafts.

– Implementation of reading activities

– Knowledge of music and playing an instrument.

In recent years a number of school and college children have got interested in social work and volunteering. In fact a number of schools and colleges are making volunteering a part of the curriculum and a course requirement.

Most of the young people prefer to work in orphanages. In most cases, even the children enjoy themselves a lot more as they probably connect to the young volunteers much faster. On the other hand these young people get so involved with these children that they go out of their way to make them comfortable.

With the world becoming materialistic day by day it is becoming more and more difficult for orphanages to find volunteers. However all is not lost as more and more young people are taking out some time out their busy schedule to work with children in orphanages and make a difference.