Getting a License for Adoption

If you are at the beginning of your adoption, the first thing to do is to get the General Council of your department issuing a license.The approval is obtained after a social and psychological inquiry, normally within 9 months following the request.

However this period varies depending on the department (some departments making up to 18 months). This survey is designed to know you a little, to allow you to define your project (age, ethnicity, number of children, disability etc), verify that you are able to accommodate a child. While this inquiry may be unwelcome, it would be totally unthinkable to entrust a child to anyone express the request! So it is better to live this investigation as a natural and necessary. For an overview of the issues raised during the investigation, click here.

At the level of approval, be aware that certain amenities may be blocked for more. Including the age range on the child. Indeed, even if you have plans to adopt a child as young as possible (from 0 to 12 months, for example), a low range of risk you close the door organizations for the Adoption and some countries prefer to have a minimum age range of 0 to 3 years “or” the earliest possible. ” Ditto for the list of countries specified on your approval, do also have a list too precise. International adoption changing. some close, others réouvrent, your project may change, open to countries that you did not think so. Nevertheless, it is only you who ultimately decide to which country you will make a folder, but the FAO prefer large amenities .. In short, the higher your approval will be large, you will have more opportunities. In individual approach, as with FAO, you’ll still be able to specify your request orally.

The choice of a country is, in my view, the longest and most difficult. We must take account of so many things! To avoid wasting time after obtaining your approval, I advise you to keep you open countries in the adoption and procedures in the country, because they shall change dramatically from one country to another. In some countries the allocation of a child will quickly but it will then wait for months before picking up the child, in others it takes longer but the award is pending before shorter ‘fetch the child, etc., each country has its own functioning.

To determine a list of countries, the first thing to do is go to the Mission of the International Adoption or the French Agency for Adoption and watch, country by country, the criteria for the adopting (age mini / maxi parents, duration of marriage, celibacy, etc.), the criteria for the child and the type of adoption you want. This usually considerably reduced the list! Secondly, I think it is good to find adoptive parents, contacting associations and / or registering on the Discussion Groups (where it is common for adoptive parents in the same region meet). In our experience, I believe that our adoption plan became a reality when we met other adoptive parents with their children. The project went from dream to reality future! We were certain at this point that we were on the right track!

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