Adoption Requirements

If a child is taken by a couple, the adoption is usually only possible collectively. A marriage is not absolutely necessary. The minimum age is 25 years for one, 21 years for other adoptive parents (25 years with the adoption by a single person). The Federal Association of the National Youth Office recommends a maximum age gap of 40 years between adoptive parents and adoptive child. The question of the occupation of the adoptive parents plays no small role, will be children under 10 years will be adopted, create the most value Jugendämter that one of the parents are not or only marginally employed, to get enough of the new task to be. The existence of adequate housing is Jugendamt also examined how psychological suitability criteria for adoptive applicants (partnership stability, education goals, strategies, conflict resolution, emotional openness and expression). Other issues, such as those of religion, played recently on the question of the suitability of adoption does not matter anymore. Adoptive applicants must provide a police certificate presented with only relevant criminal history (eg, sex – or assault offenses) an impediment show. In addition, a health certificate is required, but usually by the family doctors can be issued or a form issued by the doctors to fill. It was assumed that the adoptive applicants lebensverkürzenden no, mental or addictive diseases.

Adoption as a mediation role in the child interest

Section 2 Adoption Mediation Act, the youth offices mission of the adoption placement. The preparatory procedures for adoptive parents looking for children to find appropriate parents. Law provides for a reasonable time (usually 1 year) of the “adoption care” in which the child in the new family, accompanied by judgement to acclimatization and the question of the child to the youth court to be examined. The aim of the work of the Youth Welfare Office, under the new design is to examine whether the adoptive parents will be able to remove the child emotionally as their own and to him the best possible conditions to provide socialization, particularly in older children and already existing socialization of major damage importance.

Especially in older children is the adoption of care with the aim of adoption “ahead. Only with the consent of the biological parents or judicial consent will replace those from the permanent care adoption care.