What is Adoption?

Adoption is an old method of looking after another’s child as one would take care of ones own. Adoption has become quite poplar in recent years due to various reasons. Some reasons are medical in nature where a couple is unable to have a child and therefore adopts a child. Some people want to make a difference in society and therefore adopt a child while there are some who not only have their own children but also adopt children to make them a part of their family.

In the paragraphs that follow we will look at the various factors that you must take into account in deciding whether adoption is the right option for you and whether you are capable of looking after it. Everyone cannot adopt a child and one requires a certain mindset and financial, physical and emotional strength to adopt a child and take care of it.

One also needs to take into account whether you are capable of handling the mental issues that these children bring onto the table. Most of these children feel rejected by their birth families and are not comfortable being around people and take time to adjust and open up to people. Also if one has children then it is important that they also accept the adopted child as their own sibling.

Apart from that if you are slightly aged or have health issues then it is important o know for sure whether you are capable of coping with your health issues and the nurturing and care of an adopted child at the same time.

To adopt a child can be a quite a nice experience for those individuals who can answer the questions mentioned above honestly and still want to go ahead and adopt a child. You now have the opportunity to love another’s child which may turn out to be your first child and now you will be able to provide the child a better and brighter future.

So once you have decided that you want to adopt a child then what is the process that needs to be followed? The process that needs to be followed depends on the kind of adoption that you are looking for. It depends on which is the country that you belong to and which is the country you are looking to adopt a child from.

However as a prospective adopter you need ask two basic questions first. Are you looking for an international or domestic adoption? And are you looking for a baby or a slightly grown up child?

Once you have decided on the kind of adoption that you are looking for the next step is to find an adoption agency. You will find quite a few websites on the web, that have contacts of adoption agencies both for domestic and international adoptions that can help you adopt a child.

After deciding on the adoption agency the next step is to finalise a lawyer and a social worker who will take you through the legal formalities of adoption.

To summarise at the end i feel that adoption is not and option for anyone and before you take the decision. it is important that you answer to yourself some questions regarding your ability and capacity to look after the child that you are about to adopt. Raising an adopted child can be a great experience and will benefit not only you, the society but more importantly the child.