After 2 Decades of Unadulterated Romance, DDLJ May Have Lost its’ Calling


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is one of those movies that you cannot possibly forget. It is the nostalgia of the 90s kid that doesn’t let it die. Shahrukh’s dialogues or Kajol’s bubbliness, something or the other keeps it from being washed out by the newer cinema Bollywood has started producing. After 20 years, DDLJ was almost removed from Maratha Mandir where it has been playing over and over for the Mumbai man who is glued to the Rahul-Simran saga.

Manoj Desai, the managing director of Maratha Mandir says, “Yes, it’s true that we have pulled down the show. Today (Thursday) morning show was the last show of DDLJ at Maratha Mandir. The morning show which was the last show of DDLJ had an audience of 210.”

But just when everyone thought that DDLJ’s charisma is over, the audiences made a point to trend “Evergreen DDLJ” on twitter to let Maratha Mandir know they are letting go of a forever gem.

Why at all was the decision to take it off taken then?

What one can speculate is maybe some bits of DDLJ became too orthodox for the evolving Indian audience. Simran’s family was commonplace for the 90s but today Indian joint families would not ideally put those harsh restrictions on their daughters. In 2015, daughters are enjoying the sense of freedom and identity that a Simran only achieved upon rebellion. While the Rahul cliché continues to work with a significant percentage of the Indian audiences, there are scenes too sexist for the ideologically neutral man of today. Simran’s mother tells her to dream but not too big for her shoes; Rahul pulls out her bra and approaches Simran in the most misogynist of ways possible. Simran is little more than an absolutely adored commodity for both her passionate lover and territorial father.
As much as the family continues to be a foundational unit of the Indian society, few urban women would unquestioningly accept the diktats of a dominating father for whom his daughter is the sole reservoir of his “izzat”. This, among the many other clichés of the iconic film, could put off a few men and women who have turned gender neutral in the past decade.

Yet there are more supporters on the DDLJ side of the ring; Maratha Mandir was bombarded with calls from fans demanding a good reason to remove this evergreen movie. A movie may seem like a passing thing but DDLJ stands for the 90s romance, it stands for young lovers who rebel, it stands for an era that in every memory is done afresh upon the tune of “Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam”.  It is of course a milestone of Indian cinema one cannot forget. It was a film, path breaking in its own right. For, it bridged the gap between the Indians living in India and the nostalgic NRI community like no other film ever had. The fans outcry is so genuine that the movie has been rescheduled to play for another week at Maratha Mandir. Catch the last few shows of this golden movie at 11.30 a.m. before it’s too late.

Henna Pande

Image Source: The Viewspaper