Agitated Mind

Human psyche is like the deep blue sea. Understanding its depth and finding way through it is as difficult as driving a voyage through the treacherous oceanic waters. As man enters adolescence a series of changes occur in his life both physical and psychological. This phase of life is very crucial and critical for every individual. So it is necessary that the individual is provided with the right kind of atmosphere at least at home so that he can cope up with the growing changes within himself.

Today, however, it is found that an increasing number of youth are facing psychological stress. The rising level of competition in every sphere of life seems to take a tolln the toll on the mental conditions of the youthson the youth mentally and emotionally. School and colleges are no longer mere educational institutions; these have become the platform to outshine every other co-mate by hook or by crook.

The peer pressure is such that even the slightest tinge of failure leads to hopelessness and depression. The notion that is ingrained in us is such that we have to have huge sum of money to be tagged a successto be successful you need money that, not only leads to a feeling of inadequacy and anxiety but also leaves education as one of the means of materialism.

The teenage population faces another severe problem. They are too conscious and sensitive about their physical appearance and looks. Immense time and money is spent to be at par with the frequently changing fashion trends. And not being able to do so incorporate a sense of inferiority and a lack of confidence. If by chance they happen to gain even an ounce of weight they literally bid adieu to foodstuffs. Due to such peculiar eating habits, or the lack of it, the teenagers often suffer from numerous health issues such as kidney and heart ailments. Looks and appearance even outweighs intelligence and knowledge at times. Someone can pass without the later but never without the former.

Another intriguing observation is that the adolescence have regular dispute with their parents who in their words do not understand their “way of life”. Wards always remain irritated with their parents and hardly confide in them things happening in their lives. Issues over food habits, clothing habits and friend circles often extend to heated arguments between parents and their children and at times stretches to the extent of the ward running away from the house.

All these issues are of serious concern as they involve the well being of the youths. These psychological problems, depression or conflict of opinions can lead to far grave situation such as violence, reckless behaviour, low morale, eating disorder, drinking problems, substance abuse and various other addictions, the extreme being suicide. As we know such cases of teenage homicide and suicide are a frequent occurrence these days.

Such problems should be dealt with right from the grass root level where they begin to form. The best way is to provide the space that every individual deserve to have for his own. The accumulation of thoughts and quarries in the minds of the youth should never be suppressed, but heeded to with patience and interest. Sense of competition and responsibility should never be entrusted upon them, in fact a healthy atmosphere should be created so that an individual can grow and excel to his potency. All should remember that where the mind is without fear and stress, the head is held high.

Amrita Sarkar