Aim High, Fly Low


Hasn’t it been a long time that you have been blaming your fate for all the wrong things that have happened to you? Well it might not be your fault as the Indian society believes in fate and destiny more than anything else in the world. The fact that some people pray more than practice is what has resulted in the formation of the evil god who supposedly just wants wrong things for us. The question here is do you know what you want to do and are you giving in your 100 percent to it? Are you working towards your goals and not just dreaming about the consequences?

It would be stupid to say that one’s present life is based on karma from the past life and is completely irrelevant as to what we do in this life. Since when did we become slaves of godly implications? Aren’t we in control of our own lives and our fate? Is it so hard to decide and defend your own destiny?

Who knew that one day man would have wings, who knew that one day man would be able to see what’s happening in the other corner of the world, who knew that man, one day, would have computers controlling the whole world, and of course the biggest revolution, the internet. All these inventions were possible because these men had a goal set in their minds and no matter what they might have had to go through, they achieved what they strived for.

Men have been given the power to alter their fate, their destiny and definitely are not a slave to anything or anyone unless done so out of choice. Destiny and fate won’t come knocking down your door that easily, a goal is what would drive you towards them. It is therefore supremely important to have that clarity of vision after which comes striving towards excelling in it. You would definitely come across a lot of hurdles in life, but isn’t that the whole point of calling it hurdles in life so that you can overcome them?

If a person has a goal and endeavors to reach the same, the whole universe conspires to help him reach that point. As Adidas claims “Impossible is nothing”, a burning desire to do something is what determines the seeds of intention. A dream cannot be fulfilled until and unless you wake up.

Your goals need to be clear and specifically to the point. If your goal is to become a basket ball player, you need to be sure of which team you want to play with, what is the position you want to play and how you plan to work on it. On a more general note, if you want to buy a car, you can’t just say that you want to own a car some day. You need to know which company with the exact model number you want and work on how to end up buying that within a stipulated time frame.

There are various things you can keep in mind while deciding upon a goal: Be in a position to set goals. Have the right frame of mind and make sure that is no factor which might hinder your strive towards your goal. Make sure that the goals are practically attainable and realistic depending upon the various skill sets which you have. Unrealistic goals kill the whole idea of having a goal as it leads to major frustration and disappointment.

Initiate the various things planned out to attain the goal. Initiating something might well be the most difficult part of any process, but the moment you start with it, things will automatically flow into you. Always have patience and learn to manage things more efficiently.

If in any case you feel that things are not working out, or have a feeling that the route you took was not the right one, don’t feel disappointed, but instead appreciate the fact that you learnt out of it.

As Antoine de Saint once said, “The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible.  That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit.” (Translated from French by Lewis Galantière’)


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