Air Cleaner Hose

Air cleaner hose is a device which creates a link between the filter and the opening of the air cleaner from which purified air can pass through. An air cleaner hose can come in various materials and utilities such as metal hose, rubber hose, alloy hose etc. Air cleaner hose is a very prominent equipment used in car engines which creates a link between the intake air from the radiator and the outlet. It is extremely important for the air cleaner hose to be free of any form of defects. If the air cleaner hose starts chocking or is not able to let the air pass through it, the whole air filter might get damaged and the purpose which the air cleaner is designed for is not met. The materials used in the production of air cleaner hose is designed in a way that it can sustain under major air pressures and is also flexible to a certain limit. There are various companies which manufacture air cleaner hose such as Carrier , Honeywell, Kenmore, Oreck etc.

Other than air cleaner hose, hoses can be used for a variety of purposes such as conveying stones, pellets, granular items, flour, grains, as well as different forms of liquid and gaseous materials. They can also be used for cleaning of drains, collecting wood chips, saw etc. Some of the heavy air cleaner hose can have an alternate application of being used in vacuum cleaners and suction.

Most of the automobiles naming cars, trucks and tractors use an air cleaner hose which are mainly made up of two metals being steel alloy and rubber. The use of air cleaner hose with carburetors in an engine has majorly improved the vehicles performance and also makes sure that the engines can deliver more for a longer period of time.

Other forms of air cleaner hose are air cleaner intake hose, air hose filter, air hose reel parts, air brush hose, air compressor hose, car air intake hose etc.