Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahaani: A Review

After a good twenty years, Raj Kumar Santoshi makes a Romantic-Comedy, and what do you know? He successfully recreates the magic. He is mostly known for his intense and dramatic, socially relevant movies, but this time he proves that he can handle romantic comedies with ease too.

The two highs of the movies are its comedy and romance quotient. The comedy, is both intelligent and slapstick at the same time! There is an electrifying and reacting chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. It’s absolutely sizzling and bubbling! The romantic moments are touching, and beautifully put through.

Prem, played by Ranbir Kapoor is the hero of the movie. He leads a very simple life in the town of Ooty. He is the president of the ‘Happy Club’, whose motto is to spread happiness all around, and to help lovers in peril. On one such occasion, Prem accidentally tries to kidnap Jenny, played by Katrina, due to a case of mistaken identity. Through a series of consequent events Ranbir realises that he is love with Jenny, and is willing to give all to win her. He comes to know later that Jenny’s cruel foster parents want her to marry a man she doesn’t love for money. Prem assumes that it is he that she loves, but in for a shock when he comes to know that she actually is in love with Rahul, played by Upen Patel. Prem finally helps Jenny and Rahul to elope, but Rahul goes missing on the way. He has been taken away by his own father, a politician. Rahul’s father doesn’t want them to get married, because of the upcoming elections, and the implications the marriage might have on his success. In the meanwhile, Jenny is kidnapped, by a Don.

Will Prem be able to rescue Jenny and win her love? Or will he sacrifice his love for her happiness. One must watch to find out.