Akash is a Fashion Technologist, a Post Graduate from Asia’s top
Fashion Schools ( NIFT, New Delhi).

After working with two top brands in the Fashion industry, he
jettisoned his education at NIFT to pursue his taste in life – ‘Power
‘HIS LIFE EXPERIENCE’ and observations from others’ lives are his real degrees.
He has researched hundreds of books / sources especially in the fields
of 1) Motivational Trainings 2) Behavioral Sciences and 3) Effective
Training Methods.

In his school days – he used to dream of huge auditoriums, filled with
dreamful audiences, powerful mikes, LCD’s & sound systems and then ‘HE’
extended himself onto all this. God is gracious – ‘It is time to
thank’. A lot more on the agenda next. He wants to run more, pray
more, read more, laugh more, vacation more, and more than all ; Speak
His vision for AGTS [Akash Gautam Training Solutions] involves a lot
of philanthropy & noble deeds. He wishes to do his bit in making
this world – sharper, smarter and more focused.


Akash’s ‘Corporate Training’ client list includes the who’s who of the
Service Industry in India. Top brands in Retail, Insurance, Flying,
Education, Pharmaceuticals, fashion & Telecom are enjoying and
benefiting from Akash’s magical trainings.

As a Speaker and Personality development trainer he has delivered
sessions right across India in (250 + ) many famous colleges like IITs,
NITs, Xavier’s, Presidency, St. Stephens, reputed B-Schools, and
many more institutions.

He is a powerful speaker, career counselor and motivator at many famous
schools in Uttaranchal, Delhi, Himachal and many other parts of the
country. While as this, he appears regularly on all major News
Channels – NDTV, Headlines Today, Star News, Sahara, DD News, FM
Channels etc.

From training Miss India’s for beauty pageants to imparting life
skills to Tihar Jail inmates to helping some of the funniest Punjabis
and Telugus speak crisp English; he aims to ubiquitously ‘influence
people’s lives in a very meaningful way so that they bring out 100%
out of themselves’.

His work, while training some 1500+ rural women of Haryana, was much
appreciated in the state Govt. Circles.

An MC (Master of Ceremonies) @ corporate launches and events, A Quiz
master; Akash is there, wherever there is ‘Power Speaking’ involved.
He remembered the entire ‘Oxfords Dictionary’ in his early college
days and regularly throws a challenge to his audience to check him on
the same.

He gets assisted in his work by some very fine and eminent friends,
professors, top B-School pass outs (Many of them are alumni of leading
institutions like Oxford, IIM, IIT etc. ), PhDs, and top management
leaders. All of them are like minded and are equally or more
passionate about ‘The Spoken Word’, concept.

Excerpt from the Interview:-

What inspired you to get into ‘Power Trainings’?
AKASH :Well, a mixture of chance and what little
happened with me in the growing years. I would not have done good in
any other field than this one as the kind of thing I got to do in my
life and what my parents encouraged me to do, habits which I had, the
friends that I had and the influences that I had – All these combined
to help me in this field. Moreover, God has a special plan for each
of us and they unfolds in its own mysterious ways.

Which public speaker do you admire most?
AKASH: (Thinks and laughs), I really  haven’t thought about it (I ask
Him to give me an impromptu answer and he replies) Barrack Obama, Baba
Ram Dev and the persuasions in Hitler’s talks inspires me.

What are your favorite motivational books?
AKASH:-Power of now by Eckhart Tolle and I love religious books as I am
a spiritual guy. I want to take out wisdom from spiritual and
religious books and transmit it to the next generation as it is our
heritage. There is a lot of knowledge in the Vedas and a lot of people
have tried to bring it out and as a heritage, we try to pass it from
one generation to the next.

Which is the most memorable workshop (power speaking), you have done till date?
AKASH: It was in Haryana and the audience was the rural ladies of
Haryana. It was about living life better, female feticides and gender
issues in Haryana. The seminar was memorable as I had to learn their
local language. There were no auditorium and no mikes. It was just an open field.
I was outsider; I had to gain their acceptance. At the end
everybody was satisfied including the MLA, MP, and Sarpanch in their
own way.

What are your career plans?
AKASH: To take my work at an international level and to motivate and
change the life of as many people as possible. Combine Entertainment
and information to motivate people and to take my workshop abroad so
that they can have more impact.

Why did you jettison your career in the fashion industry, in spite of
being from NIFT?
AKASH (LAUGHS): my career jettisoned me not I. Many of us don’t do
what we study. I was never a good student. When I joined NIFT I was
not very mature. But Years at NIFT taught me what I should not do and
what I should do.

You have an inclination towards CSR, what is your view about CSR in
India, and what social work are you doing.
AKASH: I have not done much in the social work sphere. Just before
this interview I was talking to a lady who was talking about training
slum children, for girls who have been raped etc. I am trying to take
it to my state and take my workshop to a macro level. I also believe
that those who have should contribute to the society. Moreover, I
would request the govt. to make it tax free.

What is your message to the CAT aspirant, 2011’?
AKASH: Give your best shot and don’t worry if you could not make it to
the IIMs as GOD has better plans in store for you.

What in your view are the flaws in the current education system?
AKASH: – there are plenty: a) disparity in evaluation b) rectifying it
with reservation c) disparity in education level
My child studies in the best school in Chandigarh, now, how can a
village child who has no amenities in terms of electricity, teachers
will compete with him.
d) There must be common syllabus common exam.

Do you think CAT only tries to take elite class as CAT has stringent
admission guidelines and exorbitant fees?
AKASH: – Yes and no, more yes, CAT is obsessed with a lot of
English, so a lot of people get eliminated upfront but English is a
global language. All communication happens in English so the problem
with education system must be addressed. The HRD should pitch in here.

There are multitudes of motivational programs in the society, but
their impact is very less seen, so what do you think are the lacuna in
motivational speaking?
AKASH:-Many motivational speakers lack emotional connect and people
forget theory very early and they loose interest after some time.
Students acknowledge you and respect only good teachers. The world is
changing. Sadly many speakers failed to read the pulse of the people.

Which do you rate more 1.Personal motivation and motivation from life
story or 2: Some motivational speaker coming and motivating you for 2
AKASH: – See it does not matter what impacts and inspires people for
e.g. in cricket ultimately it is the win that matters, not the
weather, Sachin scores OR Gautam. So it is the impact, which matters
in life.

Elucidate concrete things which motivational speaking has achieved till date?
AKASH:-There are multitudes of things a) change in people’s life b)
their own teachings provides solutions to their own problems and their
own problems gets solved. Being a motivational speaker keeps you fit and
it is a glamorous job. Many more things come up with motivational
speaking viz. power energy fitness and responsibility – ultimately you
own the world.

What future do you foresee of the motivational industry?
AKASH: Amazing, if you enlist on NSE it will cross 6000 points even by
providing small weight age to it. In the modern world stress is
increasing and more people need support to clear their own self doubt
and get rid of the confusion.

Please shed some light on the struggle you faced in your life, and
thereon taking power training as your career?
AKASH:-Luckily there has not been much trouble for me. Only my family
life has got distorted apart from that I am enjoying my career.

Nilaya Mitash Shanker