Alisha | Episode 2: Hasty, Incomprehensive And Disappointing


In the increasing trend of web-series, where there’s a whole basket of them to choose from, Culture Machine produced its first web series Alisha by Blush.

The second episode ‘The Curious Case Of The Missing Crystal Gown’, of this ten-episode series was published on 10th December, 2015 and this was the reaction after watching it:


Innumerable loose ends, displaced characters, and a weak plot line, all of these characteristics were the foundation of the second instalment of Alisha.

The episode opened with a hustle bustle in a renowned fashion house of Mumbai, with people running around with fabrics, models sitting with face masks and a pretentious designer suit clad woman, who seemed sad about all the work that she doesn’t do.

Amidst all this chaos, the show stopper crystal gown which is worth crores and happens to be lying around in everyone’s reach gets stolen. All of this happens within three minutes of the episode and our Fashion Detective steps in.

This time, you won’t feel so sorry for Alisha as she gets stomped on by the pompous people of the fashion industry, you might get the feeling that she brought in on herself, self-assigning herself to the case.


How Alisha connects the dots of this mystery of the missing gown, and what part of the puzzle was missing for her, the creators didn’t quite put the effort to show it to the viewers. Tanny, which happens to be a sidekick and a supporting character in the show, hardly has any screen time as she does in the first episode.

If the creators were running out of time, or too lazy to elaborate on the story and put in more elements of mystery, we can’t really tell!

The only part that was a little worth watching in this episode was the ‘The Comeback Meter’ sequence. All we know is that the second episode of Alisha was quite a royal disappointment to all those who have watched the smashing first episode, which raised expectations due to the freshness of the concept. When you have to see the climax of a detective story seven times and still be stupefied, you know what to think of it.

However, we happen to be a kind audience and we can refrain from quick judgement, let us wait and see how the successive episodes are and how Alisha fares.

The preview of the next episode ‘That’s So Vintage’ looks promising and despite the disappointing second episode, viewers seem to be excited about it.

Pull up your designer boots and wear whatever mascara you need to, Alisha! The web-world is keeping an eye on you.

Catch the episode here:



Aamina Rahim

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