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Culture machine adds yet another feather to its cap, introducing its first ever web series – Alisha, in association with Lakme and Be Beautiful. It comes with an independent episode concept.

With the first episode ‘How it all began’ out, here’s a quick review –

Portrayed by Lianne Texeira, Alisha is a fashion blogger (Lianne also happens to be a well-known fashion blogger) who gets kicked out of her fashion school in California. Why? You’ll have to watch it to know more. Her ‘you know the stuff that Kesha sings about’ life gets shattered and in despair, she returns to her homeland and to the city of dreams, Mumbai.  She is welcomed with open arms by her best friend Tania Rampal aka Tanny and then Alisha embarks on a quest to create a brand new life for her.

Having shot down by her favourite fashion house, this girl doesn’t take a no for an answer and decides to solve a raving fashion mystery with her knack for solving crimes being a kid of the Nancy Drew and the Byomkesh Bakshi era.

What makes Alisha different from the hundreds of web series out there is its fresh concept of a Fashion Detective. A protagonist with more than Fashion policing as her interests. Alisha believes in serving justice with well-manicured hands, stomping on killer heels in the streets of Mumbai, smarting her way through clues.

Her sassiness and boldness are bound to take over your heart, not only will you feel sympathetic towards her, you’ll also feel triumphant when she rises against all odds. Alisha’s character develops rather powerfully in the twenty-five-minute long episode.

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And if you get excited at watching detective stories unfolding  and dramatically getting solved, and you get the same adrenaline kick that I feel all the time at moments of ‘Boom! Our beloved detective saves the day’, you are definitely going to like this.

The lead character develops rather powerfully. And though the first episode ends quite abruptly,  our protagonist looks happy, so let’s appreciate that.

Alisha is getting a positive response on the web and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest you do. With a few laughs here and there and  revolving around an interesting plot, Episode 1 out of this 10 episode series gets a thumbs up from me.

Catch the first episode here:


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