All about Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs is not a disease. It is rather excessive usage of a substance which can be harmful. Drug addiction is mainly compulsive usage of a drug for some different purposes without any medical requirement. The phenomenon of addiction is a very complicated disorder that is mainly characterized by abnormal drug usage. People addicted to a drug tend to loose grip of their mental state, in spite of the risk attached to the usage of drugs, people cannot resist the uncontrollable urge for drugs or liquor.

Drug addiction not only harms a person physically or mentally, but it affects every part of the body. It results in changes in the structure and functioning of the brain, thus a person looses the power to control and judge whatever is happening. People usually use drugs like opium, cocaine, marijuana, dopamine etc, for these purposes. The problem is increasing on a mammoth level, every year millions of drug addicts are increasing all over the world. On the other hand, with the introduction of intravenous drugs, the risk of HIV/AIDS is even fostering higher amongst the population.


There is no specific cause yet discovered for drug addiction. But there are many reasons in today’s society which attract the youth towards drug addition. The youth considers the usage of drugs as being very fashionable, to show off amongst their friends. But they don’t realize when they cross the feeble line between drug usage and drug addiction. Problems like stress, failure in day to day life, poverty, peer pressure, lack of parental supervision, disappointment and depression also force people to get into drug usage. Youngsters sometimes in the absence of parental care and affection fall into this pit. Athletes use steroids for enhancing their physique, stamina and performance and in many cases get used to these. In addition, compared to the earlier times, drugs are much cheaper than before. Youngsters also try drugs out of curiosity, to know what it feels like. One may start drug usage with by choice, but later with time it could become an irresistible need.

How to avoid addiction to drugs?

Education in schools and colleges should incorporate some seminars and programs related to knowledge regarding drug addiction, drug resistance skills, peer relationships, strengthening dedication against drug usage. Human life undergoes several transitions from youth to adulthood, these transitional periods are very risky and the most crucial ones. Family should take proper care of the young ones during these critical phases, youngsters are prone to drug usage during this phase.


Drug addiction is a progressive disease which is very difficult to recognize till it reaches the highest level. The symptoms are so normal and subtle that the patient itself doesn’t realise the level of danger he is suffering. These include:

  • Mood fluctuations with consistent anxiety, outbursts, fear and irritation.
  • Change in food habits and sleeping manners.
  • Shaky speech and unsuccessful coordination.
  • Strange smell on clothes, breath or body.
  • Change in personality and behaviour.
  • Pupils larger or smaller than usual.
  • Weight loss or weight gain.
  • Deterioration in health.
  • Tremors.


Addiction can be cured through medication and therapies, but is a prolonged process that requires immense patience, dedication and will power. To deal with this issue, first there is a need to identify the problem. The patient should accept that he or she is under the influence of drugs. This initial step itself is very difficult, as the user avoids to accept the fact that he is addicted. The treatment also depends upon the type of drug to which the patient is addicted.

Several therapies like behavioral therapies, psychological therapies and medication is used collectively to fight the addiction. Further some specific areas are duly stressed on during the treatment procedure such as detoxification, prevention of relapse and long term rehabilitation. The treatment of drug addiction can directly reduce the transmission of dreadful diseases like Hepatitis and AIDS.

Results of Drug Addiction

This unending issue of drug addiction has affected the society in a disastrous manner. It has increased the crime rate at a very fast pace, as drug addicts resolute to criminal methods to pay for the drugs. In fact the nature of crime in this case is very violent and sudden. The youth is damaging and deteriorating itself on all levels physically, intellectually and psychologically.

Drug addiction is acting as a carrier for several infections and diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis etc. due to sharing of needles amongst addicts. This serious hazard has spoilt the life of millions and is still continuing the process of ruining the life of the individual involved as well as the entire society. This in no way should be taken lightly.

Suvidha Bhatanagar

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