All that Jazz!

  • Coke Studio comes to India: Coke Studio’s love affair with the Indians leaked from across the border! The massive virality that the coke studio commanded wracked the brains of the Producers in this part of the border and thus evolved Coke Studio of the Indian version! It commenced in June and became amongst the most watched and enjoyed music galas by the people!
  • Metallica’s here: Metallica Concert was amongst the most awaited Concerts of the year! The hype and anticipation surrounding the Event had to be witnessed to be believed! It was a sell out both in Bangalore and Delhi! However, the Delhi fans were met with serious disappointment! There was rampage and ruckus all across the city, which forced Mettalica to run off to Bangalore! The Bangalore fans however were lucky! They got to witness the great Metallica perform!
  • Sonu and Britney together: An amalgamation of the West with the East, the ultimate titans of both the camps, Britney Spears and Sonu Nigam produced music like never known before! Although this is not the first time that Britney decided to go desi, she has tied up with Rishi-Rich, the Indo-English pop duo! However she went full desi just this time!
  • Gaga over India: India has had a great year with International musicians! They all seemed to get fascinated by the kind of music that is generally heard and appreciated in this Country! Gaga’s streak at the Grand Prix in India was a run away success. She was also a buzz in the small screen! With people ready to interview her at every hour, she definitely hit the right chord with the Indians!
  • Pitbull: With Gaga and Metallica making the Country dance to their tunes, Pitbull made the Country happier by his awe capturing performance! The Country has never been this lucky with International performers!
  • DK Bose: 20 years in reverie, who would have thought a song as explicit as DK Bose would be composed and then go on to become the anthem of the Nations youth? Here we are talking about a generation that looks for style and pep! Lyrics may have dual meaning as long as they are in sync with the Youth’s spirit!