All that matters

What?! You STILL drink Bournvita?, my friend asked me when I filled the space ‘My Favorite drink’ with Bournvita, in her slam book when I was still in class 8.(I am in the 12th now, and I still drink Bournvita)

Hehehe! You still watch Doraemon and Shinchan?, Another friend asked when I hung up on her to watch it.

My immediate reply was “No…I watch Tom and Jerry, Bleach, Naruto and many other cartoons!!”

I am 17 and I still like to watch cartoons, drink Bournvita, eat as if I have never eaten before and often fall down from my bed. Friends say ‘Grow up! Stop being a child’. I agree that I (The one who stays glued to the TV and never misses her favorite cartoon) , in a few years will be searching for jobs, will be taking the responsibilities that I have never even heard of and will be earning MONEY (that of course needs to be handled by an adult). But that does not mean I have to stop watching cartoons, stop drinking Bournvita or even stop doing most of the things that are looked upon as childish things.

Adults do not watch cartoons because they do not have the time to do so. They do not drink Bournvita because they need something strong like tea or coffee to energize them. They do not eat much because they sit all day in front of their laptops working and get fat (Not everyone though).

Change comes naturally and gradually. No one can influence the other person to grow up or mature, it comes from deep within. Someone cannot be regarded as an adult just because he or she prefers beer or vodka instead of milk or Bournvita.

People tend to have the misconception that a mature adult can only be recognized through his actions. But it is not true. Being an adult does not mean to give up what you like to do. At the end when we all grow old, we will remember How we used to have fun when we where kids, how people used to make fun of childish behaviours but we still did not abandon it. We will remember each and every class we bunked, the silly fights between friends, the gossips and the cat fights, the horrible canteen food and our nagging teachers. We won’t remember how many beers we drank or how many presentations we gave in the office or how many serious lectures we attended.

In the end, all we have to do is be ourselves and change will dawn on us slowly. After all, all that matters is to live life to the fullest and not to be affected by what other people say. People will like you for who you are and not for what you eat or drink.

Priyanka Hime