In a world of growing gulfs and shrinking distances

sprouting buildings and widening roads

flowering trees and raging seas

big smiles and bigger handshakes

bigger voices and bigger laughter wit and sarcasm

and knowing-it-all-genuinely

walking tall, pinstripes and stiletto heels

walking everywhere, windswept hair and kohl eyed

with a reason, in a direction, with confidence

in a world with more and more corners

more walls, glitter and sparkle

more things to bury faces in

more things to say out loud – instead

a lump in your throat is a fashionable cough

where time is at a premium

where company is abundant

but nothing can really shake away that feeling

That at the end of the day, end of it all, really,

you are, you know,

like, yeah,




Harshita Yalamarty