‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’, a Review

Always Kabhi Kabhi is about a group of four school friends. Sameer/Sam (Ali Fazal), Aishwarya/Aishu (Giselli Monteiro), Tariq Naqvi/Einstein (Satyajeet Dubey) and Nandini/Nandy Bull (Zoa Morani) are buddies studying in St. Marks. Each of them has one or the other problem with one or both of his/her parents.

Sam does not get along with his father. Tariq’s father is obsessed with having him admitted tosending him to MIT. Aishwarya’s mother wants her to become a model and ultimately an actress but the daughter has her own aspirations. Nandini’s parents have no time for her. In other words, all the four friends come from dysfunctional families.

Sam and Aishwarya are fond of each other but their relationship gets gets a bit bumpy. Tariq is fond of Nandini but she doesn’t really care and, in fact, quite hates him. However, one incident changes her opinion about Tariq and she actually asks an agitated Tariq to forgive her and become friends with her.
Their school participates in a Drama competition and their play Romeo and Juliet cruise thru finals. In between all this teeny weeny juvenille stuffs, the pool parties and, the sad jokes; Sam gets arrested in a police raid in a pub.

Then comes the 2 most interesting characters of the film, the two investigating police officers (Mukesh Tiwari and Manoj Joshi). They gave him a dose of some haryanvi punches and demands a bribe of Rs. 50,000 from Sam to hush up the case. Sam wants to win the drama competition so that he can pay the bribe from the prize money but since Aishwarya is unaware of the bribe angle, she again thinks that Sam is selfish. She meets with an accident.

Then Nandini chances comes accrossupon Aishwarya’s thoughts about life, which she (Aishwarya) has documented. Now instead of Romeo & Juliet, Sam, Tariq and Nandini decide to perform on those thoughts – and they do so. They are also joined by Aishwarya. Through the drama and dance, the four convince their parents that children should not be pressurised and should be allowed to pursue their dreams.

I yawned watching this movie countless number of times even while documenting it in this article! The reasons being routine subject; lack of heartwarming moments; lack of comedy; disjointed screenplay. This mediocre voyage might interest juvenile audiences. Watch it only if you want to see newcomers or you have nothing else to do this weekend.

Pranav Dixit