Amidst The War Of Our A-List Stars, ‘Star War’ Attains A Win


The industry started with a bang, releasing movies like Neerja, Airlift, Kapoor and Sons and Jai Gangaajal which were acknowledged for both their critical and commercial success. However, as we progressed with time, we somehow regressed in accomplishing the commercial success. What led to this sudden change? The industry that was hell-bent on entering the ever increasing n-hundred crore clubs, witnessed a trajectory that even detained their entry at the minimal level.

Surprisingly, it is not due to the alack of credible stars, or not-so-exuberant promotions, or it being an essentially small-budget movie that doesn’t make much rounds than Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. The lack of business is credited to the major Hollywood blockbusters that are taking our country by a storm, gripping the audience with it’s mesmerising effects and an impressionable storyline that tingles our awakening emotions.

The audience is finally transcending from the usual stereotypical and overly dramatic movie lines. Our country has evolved as a lover of cinema. The audience now, willingly prefers to go for a movie whose strength lies in its story rather than the A-list actors. The competition that our Bollywood movies are facing is not national anymore, with the advent and more releases of Hollywood movies, the competition has gone international. Undeniably, we all know who will emerge as winner, if the competition is between Fan and The Jungle Book.

Fan and The Jungle Book released a week apart and while the former struggled to earn Rs 85 crore, the Jungle Book earned approximately Rs 183 crore. Sarbjit earned approximately Rs 25 crore, while X-Men: Apocalypse earned Rs 33 crore, clearly beating up our Miss World’s charm. With the release of Captain America, one could fathom the kind of cult following the comics has than Emraan Hashmi, who dared to release the film against the all mighty superheroes. The Conjuring 2, which released alongside Te3n and Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, has already outdone these films.

Up until few years ago, with limited Hollywood releases, the audience sufficed itself with the dreamy, hypothetical, unrealistic world of Bollywood. They demanded our attention and we gave it away. However, of late, a new wave of cinema is gripping our Bollywood and it definitely is evolving from it’s old days, with obvious magnificence. They started giving us meaningful cinema which lured us and made us believe in the true power of Bollywood, and it reclaimed its thrones in our imagination.

The times changed, when Hollywood started witnessing India as a rewarding market for its movies. The multiplexes released them without much hassles and we were exposed to the wonderful world of Hollywood at our nearest theatres, not just the exclusive and the selected ones. To get connected with the masses, the studios engaged popular Bollywood actors to dub for the Hindi version. Varun Dhawan recently dubbed for Captain America : Civil War and many Bollywood stars including Priyanka Chopra and Om Puri dubbed for The Jungle Book.


The quality of films being offered by Bollywood is improving for sure, but Hollywood films with their fancy graphics and mind-boggling storylines (Interstellar, the Martian, Revenant etc.) is still light years ahead of us. Bollywood can no longer compete with itself as the audience is now getting better content to watch on various other platforms. The hunt for a good story continues and the audience ends up choosing the movies of Hollywood than our quintessential masala movies.

The next time producers want to make money out of their film, they should check the calendar for next Hollywood release rather than Eid or Christmas.

Yugansha Malhotra

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