Amlan J. Das Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

Ten years of my life I walked past your rented apartment in Dispur, until one day you became the Prime Minister of the nation, and soon started representing the State in the Parliament. Many terms went past, I landed up in Delhi, yet when I go back home, walk through the stretch of road in your constituency. I feel sad, isn’t this the constituency of the Prime Minster of India. Roads dug up, pipelines leaking water, and illegal infiltrators walking freely.

Sir, as a resident of Assam, all I would really beg is to please divert some amount of your attention to the development of the state. I know you have evidence of lots of proposals and sanctions, but sir, please make sure that they are implemented. I appreciate the programs your government initiated, but I would be glad if they are actually implemented.

The nations counts on you, just do good, we are there to support you.


Amlan J. Das

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.