‘Amma’ And ‘Maasa’ – The Uncanny Collation That Comprises Our Politics?

Game of thrones vs indian politics

Apart form all the gory stuff, the action and the dragon scenes we all Game of Thrones fans swear by, we also appreciate the art of politics. The art of deceiving and playing to one’s strength, using power to manipulate the games, all educates us about the discussed field of politics.

However, if the current political families of our country could be compared to the major houses in the magnum-opus show, these are the political parties making the cut which aptly exhibit the current scenarios and their political ideologies.

  1. Indian National Congress as ‘House of Baratheons’

‘The House that ruled’

The Congress is a dying party and so is the House Baratheon. After ruling for a good long haul, they have managed to diminish themselves into oblivion. They are the houses that are lost in the current scenario, both looking for a rightful heir to a once-respected house. While Baratheon has no appearing heir to speak of, our homeland party is also struggling of putting a leader onto their poster.

  1. Bhartiya Janata Party as ‘House of Lannisters’

‘The House that exhibits Power’ – they rule, they conquer and they do all that with the power they have attained with time. Both of them are outrageously complied with enormous amount of power. Both the houses have a major squabble with the faith, and are coping to handle the situation with utmost scheming and plotting. They may look like they are on the loosing side, but they emerge victorious with time and careful planning.

  1. AIADMK as ‘House of Targaryens’

‘The House that Conquers’ – and who to represent the mother of dragons (Maasa) better than our very own ‘Amma’. Both the leaders of the houses are beloved by the majority of mass, who have sworn their loyalty to no one but them. With the allure of dragons to the allure of freebies, both these benevolent rulers aim to please the masses and gain their support for their own set of goals.

  1. Shashi Tharoor as ‘House of Martells’

‘The House that  breaks the norm’. Both the leader and the house represent the art of acceptance and freedom. While one house is open to all sort of relationships (sexual) and doesn’t commodify women like many others do but empowers them, the other leader has set the benchmark for tolerance and acceptance in our country which is highly stereotypical in nature. They fight their own battles without hiding under the veil of scheming and plotting,


  1. Shiv Sena as ‘House of Boltons’

‘The House that is ferocious’. Known for their brutality either verbally or physically; they want nothing more but to put forth their ideals of what justice comprises of, they both don’t hesitate to go to extremes – its either their way or no way at all. We dread them, and we hope never to cross paths with them.

  1. Trinamool Congress as ‘House of Tyrells’

‘The House that represents Matriarchy’. Both the houses are ruled by empowered women who would do everything possible to achieve their motives. They both are self-sufficient houses wanting no more than what is rightfully theirs. They will not deal with anything that doesn’t concern them and are dutifully focussed on their goals.

Covering the major houses, however, one can fathom the idea that none of our political parties make the cut for the ‘House of Stark’, the house that is honourable. We have no deserving party that could even be slightly compared to the great house. They represent honour and righteousness, and we find no takers in our political arenas.


As for the common mass, we constitute of the ‘Faceless Men’, which are not the part of the big league but has the calibre to shake its roots inflicting the deepest injury. We are the masked people changing the game now and then.

Yugansha Malhotra





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