An artsy visit

Recently, I visited Garhi art village which unlocked the doors of a world I had never ventured to explore. All my life I had been someone who hadn’t paid heed to various art forms because I was never had an inclination to. But, after my visit to the art village I have come to appreciate the world of artists, which is so different and amazing. I came to know that there are myriads of art forms and the pieces that come out of these are definitely a treat to one’s eyes.

The art village is a hub for talented artists from across the nation to come and practice their craft in a harmonious ambience. There are so many techniques that they practice and the common man is completely oblivious to them. They deploy many scientific tactics and methods in giving shape to their creativity. In my visit I saw what they had made and the beauty of their creations was simply ineffable. Each piece contained a certain subtlety and different people could come up with different interpretations. But the most amazing thing is that the craftsman’s interpretation would certainly startle you and leave you awed. An artist is a technician, a scientist, a philosopher and most importantly a fighter.

Though these pursuits have taken a backseat for the upcoming generation, the creative expression of things will always be revered and valued. They are definitely the unsung heroes and true achievers. Still, in the art village, there were artists who had been internationally acclaimed, which proved to me that there is a lot of scope if such passions are pursued sincerely.

Arts have hitherto been the most fond and widely used mode of expression of views, social stigmas, ideas and most importantly, emotions. People have always used their creativity to vent out different emotions that occur to them and mostly, the final outcome has always left the viewer stunned. In the art village, there were people from different parts of the country and of different age groups working together in harmony. These people are masters of their craft and seem to be extremely passionate about it. The artists there look as if they are enjoying something divine and the experience of being amongst them was simply exotic. Truly, I felt they were combating so many evils in the society in their own style.

Srishti Gupta


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