An Effort to Reduce this Emotional Complication

Love symbolizes a divine feeling that has an entirely different interpretation for every person in this world. It is a very strong emotion and can work as your biggest strength or weakness. Then why not look at the positive side and make it a strength. Why not take out some benefit from it and ignore all the loop holes that make you weak and fragile.

Loving someone unconditionally is an excellent effort, but on the other hand, the saying is true, ‘loving a person doesn’t gives anyone a license to own that person’. Possessiveness is a very natural response and it exists in almost every relationship. But in excess it can be dangerous and harmful to the relationship as well as the people involved in it. With increased insecurities and fears in the generation, people tend to manipulate the ones they are attached to. They intend to possess their loved ones, which is a mental torture for that person and creates almost unsolvable complications for both the people involved. Both the people in a relationship need their space and have a different perspective of looking at things. They have to take their own decisions, and when this space starts hindering by unnecessary intimidation of the other person, it creates mental suffocation. Everyone in the world wants to enjoy his/her freedom and when this collision of thoughts starts, it creates sense of threat to the person’s freedom.

Through this article, I would like to enlighten those special people who have a good heart that contains incomparable storage of love in it, but with a deficiency of trust. They are basically childish at heart and crave for love and appreciation. And owing to their inner insecurity and fear of losing relationships, they compensate by putting an extra effort. They try to load the person with an excess of love, thus creating dependency from the other side too. This gives a sense of security to such people.

So, if you are one of them and are still clutched in these gigantic emotions, try to wash away all the insecurities and believe in the person you love, that will bring you more close to him/her and to yourself.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

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