An Interview with Abhinav Nayar – The British Airways Brand Ambassador

Viewspaper: What does this achievement mean to you?
Abhinav: This certainly means a lot to me. It has given me a portal to help other applicants and that stands great credit. Till about a year ago, I was a little confused about things but my seniors have been patient and helped me through.

Viewspaper: So, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are you currently doing?
Abhinav: I’m pursuing my BA in Ethics, Political Science and Economics from Yale University.

Viewspaper: How did you get educated about the British Airways Brand Ambassador Hunt & Campaign?
Abhinav: A promotional e-mailer was dropped in at my email address that informed me about the contest. In fact I casually applied for it and even forgot about the contest when I got a call saying I was shortlisted!!

Viewspaper: Which colleges and courses are you looking to study at? How did you decide these colleges and courses?
Abhinav: Studying in Yale has shaped me as a person in all fields. As far as the course I want to pursue in future is concerned, I’m just in my first year. I haven’t decided the future course of action yet, though I aim to be a part of the Brad School Graduate Programme and get a Dual MBA MPP degree.

Viewspaper: India has a lot of great opportunities and universities, why did you choose to study abroad? What do you find most appealing about studying abroad? Where did you look for researching universities abroad?
Abhinav: I always wanted the best for my education, irrespective of the location and what better than Yale!! It has been ranked 3rd on the global level. Studying there is entirely a multi-ethnic endeavour.

Viewspaper: What is the exam you appeared for to get admission? What scores are accepted by your university?
Abhinav: I gave SAT to become a part of Yale. There’s no official cut-off that they declare but along with a good score, they look for a person’s formative assessments, records, activities, resume, art works, certificates etc. Admission there is quite a holistic process.

Viewspaper: What sets your university and country where you study, apart from the others?
Abhinav: The architecture, quirky stories, the way the students of Yale are, the traditions it follows, the vigour of the class, its huge (actually the 2nd largest in the world) library, the world’s largest gym…do I need to say more?

Viewspaper: Have you ever flown, prior to your admission, to the country you wish to study in?
Abhinav: Before Yale, I never came to US but yes, have been to South-East Asian Countries and Egypt.

Viewspaper: Have you set any career plans for post-higher education?
Abhinav: Well, future, as I said, is not exactly on my mind currently. Here at Yale we get a chance to sit and learn in any class we wish to, irrespective of our course so, in a way, I’m shaping myself overall to adapt better to whatever future has in store for me.

Viewspaper: For other student fans of British Airways, what is your advice for further studies abroad? What did you learn from this experience? How did you gather information about the university you will be studying in?
Abhinav: All I’d like to say is, make the most of your resources, the big universities love it!! Getting information is the key, seek advice, search the web, talk to people but get information anyhow!! I personally used a lot to get through.

Viewspaper: Any advice you want to give? Any quote you believe in life?
Abhinav: Education at Yale has taught me not to have any regrets. Just go with the flow, do what you believe in and never reverse engineer your steps. ‘Sustainable Results’ are just a name so don’t run after it. Just do what you feel like doing and you will get successful.

Compiled by Ruma Kulshreshtha and Garima Obrah