An Interview with Aditya Bhamidipaty, CEO of GoVasool

CEO and Co-Founder at, Aditya Bhamidipathy was one of the fifteen Start up businesses showcased in the sixth edition of which happened in Pune recently. An engineer in electronics and communication, Aditya wanted to make life simpler for people and GoVasool is his contribution in that direction. Amidst the busy schedule of the event day he found some time for a short Q&A session with our team.

VP: Can you explain the idea behind your venture in layman terms?
Aditya: GoVasool is all about local shopping facilitator with a continuous online presence. It helps the customer decide from pricing to product detailing to billing to delivery free of cost. We are working with retailers and mobile stores as well. The aim of this site is to give consolidated data to the people of India so that they have the liberty to expand their shopping horizons at the click of a mouse and inside the comforts of their home. The USP of our business is tto save money, time and effort.

VP: In this era of Green Tech what was your inspiration behind entering this particular niche, especially in India?
Aditya: India is the place to be for any kind of start up business. There are a lot of opportunities available here which would be lacking elsewhere. As far as the particular niche is concerned, India provides an innovative marketplace for all sorts of ventures. This market also provides challenging consumers so there is a lot of potential to break the clutter of age old trends and beliefs.

VP: When did the idea conceptualize and what has been the progress so far?
Aditya: We started working on the ideation and technology from September 2008 and went live in January 2009. The response we got, especially in Bangalore has been phenomenal because of the huge corporate interest in this particular niche. Currently we are in fifteen stores with a participation of around a few thousand people.

VP: What are the future plans for the business? Where do you envision your venture 5 years down the line?
Aditya: We are looking at an All India presence. We would also like to have a utility service foray, like one for gas cylinders. In short we want to fulfil all the needs of our consumers. As far as seeing the business 5 years down the line, we want to make shopping online an everyday phenomenon for any average person. We are also looking towards making GoVasool one of the leading players in retail space.

VP: Has the recession affected your Start up in any manner?
Aditya: India is on a slow growth phase and hence is not under recession. We, as a business, have not been affected by the recession phase. On the contrary, it has helped us in a way. This has happened because customers are now more value conscious and hence are looking for the best prices in every purchase and GoVasool provides them a platform to fulfil this demand.

VP: What was the reason behind being a part of and what are your expectations from this particular platform?
Aditya: is a great entrepreneurship convergence platform. It is a sure shot way of learning and expanding your contacts base. The general reason remains the learning experience of the entrepreneur Gurus who come here as mentors. However, procuring the next stage of funding is undoubtedly another factor for being a part of this event.

VP: What would be your advice to other Start up entrepreneurs who were not chosen for the showcase in the sixth edition of
Aditya: The only thing that I would like to say is the best way to learn is to learn through experiences. is an exhilarating experience for any start up venture. So just learn and improve. You’ll achieve success soon enough.

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Astha Hemant

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