An Interview with Aditya Zutshi – The British Airways Brand Ambassador

Viewspaper: What does this achievement mean to you?
Aditya: Becoming the Brand Ambassador of British Airways India truly feels great. British Airways as a brand is very close to me because of its brand values-Safe and secure, Professional, Warm, Thoughtful and Responsible-which are some of the values that I very strongly stand for and believe are crucial to become the best in whatever I do.

Viewspaper: So, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are you currently doing?
Aditya: I’m doing MBA II Year from Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur. I’m also the Placement Coordinator of my B-School. I have had 3 years of diversified work experience in Tata Consultancy Services in Investment Banking Domain, Multimedia Semantics and Virtual Worlds. I am 25 years old and belong to Delhi.

Viewspaper: How did you get educated about the British Airways Brand Ambassador Hunt & campaign?
Aditya: I got the information from Facebook. I was very impressed with British Airways India’s initiative to mentor students who are planning an education from abroad. I enjoy mentoring and sharing knowledge and naturally bonded with this initiative. I am thankful to British Airways India for giving me such a great opportunity.

Viewspaper: Which colleges and courses are you looking at to study further? And how did you decide on these colleges and courses?
Aditya: I have got a job offer from my dream company which is also one of the world’s best FMCG companies. I want to work for a few years in the FMCG sector. Once I garner the requisite experience in my field in a few years, I would then apply to the best of the American Universities for an Executive MBA Program.

Viewspaper: India has a lot of great opportunities and universities, why did you choose to study abroad? What do you find most appealing about studying abroad? Where did you look for researching universities abroad?
Aditya: World today is a global village and to be a global leader, it is imperative to have a global exposure. Schools abroad have a good mix of international students and an education from abroad will give me a global perspective.

Viewspaper: What is the exam you appeared for to get admission? What scores are accepted by the university you are aiming for?
Aditya: As I mentioned before, I will give GMAT and TOEFL after a few years. I would be applying only for top US B-Schools and would need an excellent score.

Viewspaper: What sets your university and country where you study, apart from the others? / What is the USP of your university?
Aditya: VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur boasts of a unique platform of turning only engineers into techno-managers to take on the challenges of real world and is proud to be the flag bearer of this successful philosophy.

Viewspaper: For other student fans of British Airways, what is your advice for their further studies abroad? What did you learn from this experience? How did you gather information about the university you will be studying in?
Aditya: “Dreams are not that you have while you sleep, but those that don’t let you sleep”. Stay active on the internet, read blogs and you’ll get valuable information. Any extra information that you gather always enhances your application. World today is more collaborative than competitive. Social Networking helps you collaborate with people really well. Make good use of that.

Viewspaper: Any advice you want to give? Any quote you believe in life?
Aditya: Nothing succeeds like success. Great people forget bad memories after drawing lesson. Each failure has the potential to take you a step closer to success. Don’t rest unless you achieve your dream.

Compiled by Ruma Kulshreshtha and Garima Obrah