An Interview with Advaita

In an interview with Anindo Bose, talented keyboardist for Delhi’s popular fusion band- ADVAITA, who is also an elite member of the Delhi borne music community, Artistes Unlimited. Here, he shares with us his journey and his passion for music as he emerges as a youth icon…

VP: Hi! You have been associated with Artistes Unlimited and Advaita for quite some time now. Tell us about your decision to take up music as a professional move.

Anindo: I’ve always wanted to do music, and from the time I got into college I got into bands as well, and a few experiences in the recording studio opened up a new direction… That’s when I realized that I wanted to get into production… behind the scene. And at the moment it’s a nice balance between work at my studio and performing live with bands. I’ve also started doing live sound for bands so that’s another avenue, and it’s so different from working in the controlled environment of a studio, the challenges are much more in the live scene. Taking up music is not so common, but I love every bit. There’s something new every day, and with every project!And once you set a standard, it gets better; I just wish I didn’t have to chase my clients for the payments… That’s something one has to deal with.

VP: AU and Advaita are both diverse and rich in their content. But both demand their own share of creativity. How do you, personally, cope up with the demands and expectations of the groups?

Anindo: Haha, Well… there are times when I get torn between the two, and yet I enjoy that stress, I think playing with the 2 bands has helped me grow as a person and a lot musically, and since the styles are so different, it kind of keeps me fresh when I’m composing and I love jazz /blues and psychedelic music. And between the 2 I get everything! I just hope I can manage my time the same way in the years to come.

VP: Do you think audience today is far more receptive to and appreciative of newer concepts in creativity, since AU and Advaita began their journey?

Anindo : Yes, there’s been a huge change in the last 5 years, more and more bands are working on their own sound and composing stuff, and audiences are beginning to enjoy the bands original music rather than the “complicated covers” , and it’s a wonderful feeling when they can remember your tunes and expect more originals. Would also like to say that its much easier today to record your own songs and make demos, 5 10 years ago it was really hard to do this and expensive as well.. And most bands never had the budgets to make demos at the time of starting out. As music is becoming more and more of a career option, more bands are taking it seriously and as a result we see more original music.

VP:I’ve learnt that you are actively involved in the world of jingles and music compositions for ads. Tell us more about your contributions in this segment.

Anindo:I’ve composed some jingles but would like to see an increase in the volume of work that I get, its fun creating these 30 sec pieces are challenging, and music is quite subjective, so there’s a constant yes and no between the clients and their clients… Delhi usually gets more of the radio ads, and Mumbai does all the TV stuff, I d love to make more TV ads.

VP: You have your very own home studio- ‘Plug N’ Play’, what do you hope to achieve musically through this venture?

Anindo: This is my little creative space, jams, compositions, work, play! Everything! I made my studio in 2005, have recorded quite a few bands since then, and jingles and ads, and musicals, and a lot of Advaita and au songs took shape here. I’d like to give my best at what I’m doing, and hopefully the stuff that comes out from my studio would attract more people to come and record with me.

VP: Being a little Advaita specific: Despite being an 8 member band, we as an audience feel great vibes of an understanding each of you share with each other on stage. How do you sync your interests and ideas to put across ‘fusion’ in the true sense of the word?

Anindo : Fusion in the true sense… well fusion is just a term people use when they hear ethnic and western instruments playing together… We’d rather call it an organic blend of cultures that these styles come from… and the blend of notes. The same 12 notes sound different when played by a person coming from a classical background, and a western music background

And yet it’s just the 12 notes in the end! The band name sums it up as well… All these sounds, these chords, the mood everything is blended into one. There no deliberate attempt to do this. It’s purely by feel and we’ve been fortunate to have a set of band mates, who jam well together, and outside of the band we are very good friends and that helps a lot when making music, we have great respect for each member, and everyone makes advaita what it is, take out one and it’s not the same.

VP: What is your take on festivals like ‘Eastwind’ which took place in New Delhi recently? Also, which other bands on the LIVE music circuit do you and your band mates admire?

Anindo: Festivals like the Eastwind are a must, the only way to see all the bands that exist and play their “own” music, we were amazed to see the scale of this festival… its so hard to organize festivals like these… 3 cheers for the entire team that made this possible!It’s the only way to bring the music circuit closer and it’s so much better than competitions that actually divide the circuit, but of course this is my own opinion.

Bands that we like… umm :Thermal and a Quarter, Soulmate, Five8, Black Market, Something Relevant, Barefaced Liar, Faridkot, Sajid and the lost boys,Avail, there are lots more- can’t really name everyone.. !

VP: Lastly, Post the prestigious opportunity to record at the Yash Raj Studios, (Bombay) with Advaita; what should your fan base hope to look forward to in the future?

Anindo: THE ALBUM! We are expecting this as eagerly! And hopefully a lot more shows!

Compiled by:

Ankita Kanwar