An Interview with Ankush Oberoi, Lead Guitarist of Band Sane Demise

Over the years, music has been able to spread out its branches and create a space of its own. Music has reached out to people with varying tastes and interests, and rested itself as a medium for expression and articulation. From rock to hip hop to even New Age, the vast expanse in the field of music has touched every possible genre. Bands and artists, with their own genre specific expertise, orchestrate new rhythms and notes to produce dazzling music.

Ankush Oberoi, the lead guitarist of the band Sane Demise, talks about the establishment of his band, his passion towards music and his performances.

VP. You can begin by telling us about your band, the band members, and where all have you performed.

Ankush. Sane Demise is a 4 member, Death/Thrash Metal band from Delhi, formed in January 2008. We met through a common source, and the band first performed at MAIT after which there was no looking back. With a great sense of brutality between the members and common interest in bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Death, Sepultura and Lamb Of God, the band has picked many folds. They have won competitions including AIT, MAIT and Thapar’09, that too all in a row and also bagged the best vocalist and guitarist at Thapar. They shall also be performing at Symbiosis Pune alongside Undying INc’s main act. With Ajay Paul Matthew on Bass and Vocals, Ishaan Joseph on Drums, Ankush Oberoi and Shiv Trisal on guitars the band has already come up with two compostitions, The Day of Vengeance and Prisoner To The Lesser God.

VP. What was the inspiration behind the name of your band? If there’s any specific factor/moment/incident/thing/any inspiration on which the band name has been kept, can you elucidate it?

Ankush. Well, during the initial days of our band being formed, we kept on changing the band name in a few local gigs because we were never completely satisfied with the name. It somehow didn’t go with the genre we play. So we definitely needed a name that would go with something that signified a demise of either time or something sane. It was then that we came up with Sane Demise.

VP. Can you throw some light on how founded the band? How did the different band members connect with one another?

Ankush. The band was mainly formed by me and an ex member of Sane Demise. It took us nearly 8 months to get everybody together because finding good musicians wasn’t that easy. We met the vocalist for the first time through a common source and liked his style of singing. He even played the bass so all we now needed was a drummer which took the maximum time. After trying out as many as 3 to 4 of them we finally cut down to one who was really good with it. That’s how we finally had everybody in place and jammed for the first time.

VP. You said Sane Demise is a Death/Trash Metal band. Tell us a little about your inspiration behind your choice of genre.

Ankush. There wasn’t any specific reason for picking that genre. We started off to be a cover band to the famous numbers of GNR and Iron Maiden. But after a few sessions of jam with the members we found that everybody had the taste for Thrash metal. We all enjoyed head-banging and doing all sorts of stuff while playing, that was when we knew we needed to change the genre. Playing this type of music gave us an indefinite amount of adrenaline rush, enough to keep the brutality flowing from our souls.

VP. What about the lyrics to your songs? Are they splashed with a definite gruesomeness  and eccentricity, like most of the modern Death/Trash metal bands?

Ankush. Being a Thrash Metal band the lyrics definitely needed to be real gruesome or to be more precise they needed to be BRUTAL. However listening to such type of music gave us an insight of the type of lyrics that basically go with the music and anything less than gruesome would definitely be an insult to the world of Thrash! Due to the dark feel of the Genre we needed such lyrics, so be it!

VP. Have you ever thought about launching an album of your own, making people reach to your music?

Ankush. Once the members are back in Delhi after majoring in music we definitely plan to get started completely with active gigging and taking out an EP for sure as soon as possible. Till then we have a few of our songs uploaded on

VP. Can you tell us about the adrenaline rush of performing for the first time. And also, which has been the best performance of yours till date.

Ankush. Somehow the first time was the only time none of us had stage fear!!! Probably the excitement to be performing and putting our music in front of the others made us forget that it was our first time on stage. And it definitely turned out to be the best “first time” gig.

Compiled by:

Shaurya Arya