An Interview with AntarDhvani

AntarDhvani is an upcoming band of professional musicians. They started off by jamming in together for fun and have now developed into a proper rock group. They have been rocking the campus and social circuits of Delhi for quite some time now. In this interview with them, we discover a deeper side of the band and what makes them click…

VP: How did AntarDhvani come into place?

AD: AntarDhvani is a unique jamming of working professionals who followed their common passion for music after the impromptu music sessions at college….

VP: We have heard that members of AntarDhvani are professionals in various spheres of life. An insight into your backgrounds?

AD: Band members include:

Sumeet – Lead vocals, blends classical and western (MBA, Research Analyst with one of the world’s leading marketing co.

Ravee – Guitars Rhythm (CA and Consultant/ERP)

Mukesh – Guitars Lead (Budding Lawyer)

Vishaal – Guitar Bass (Youngest among the band members – still in college)

Tuheen – Tabla (Professional tabla player)

Anky – Drums / Percussions (MBA, Asst. Manager in a leading logistics and supply chain management firm)

Nishant – Lyrics (Lawyer – High Court)

VP: How did the idea of the band come about?

AD: During graduation days at Hansraj College we started jamming for long hours and some good music started to flow….we thought, “well, how about keeping the rhythm goin?” and the band happened.

VP: Can you explain the idea behind your band’s name, “AntarDhvani”?

AD: AntarDhvani means the sound of the soul…the sound that comes from deep within …it’s the sound that comes straight from the heart.

VP: Since when have you all been performing together?

AD: We have been playing together since year 2002, however it’s a complete dream run where new guys kept joining and a formal AntarDhvani came into existence in year 2007.

VP: Your most memorable performance?

AD: There are three performances that we feel are memorable ones. One at JNU’s Kaveri Hostel Night, another at DU’s polo grounds in the Times of India’s youth festival and last but not the leas at DAV College of management.

VP: Where did the band, first performed together?

AD: It way back in 2004 at Miranda House’s Annual Fest Tempest where we covered some Indian Ocean and Euphoria’s numbers.

VP: What kind of music do you make?

AD: We have composed music of diversified tastes, from soothing nostalgic romantic to psychedelic rock to a song which puts forth the dirty political mindset that how religion was used by a bunch of people for their own good.

VP: What is your take on Classical v/s Rock music?

AD: Both are different forms of music and each has its own beauty ….that is why we choose to do both and a new form Fusion.

VP: What inspires you while composing and writing songs?

AD: t’s the life and it lovely simplicity and at the same time complex nature that is seed for our songs. One will find our songs to which most people can relate to…

VP: What are the ingredients to make a good performer?

AD: One who can feel and live the performance is a true performer….

VP: Are you planning your debut album?

AD: Yes. We have recorded a demo album in one of Delhi’s known studio and are planning to launch an album by mid-2009.

VP: Have you ever thought of playback singing?

AD: No our idea is and has always been a band…..our best comes out only when we do music together….

VP: How do you plan to make a living out of this profession?

AD: As of now we have not thought of making a living out of music ..but yes if all goes well….we can work as a company…and hope Antardhvani be a brand…

VP: What is your take on plagiarism?

AD: It is bad. If one is a part of such practice than he has no right to be called an artist.

VP: One issue that moves you the most?

AD: The ever existent attempt by a section of people to divide mankind on basis of religion and caste…we have also composed a song on this issue which is on riots and how people were made to kill each there in the name of religion.

VP: A few lines on what makes the difference?

AD: May sound cliché but it’s the right effort in the right direction along with the belief that yes we can do it…makes all the difference…And, trust me AntarDhvani will make a difference…

Compiled by:

Nitish Kapoor