An Interview with Anup Tapadia, Founder of Touchmagix

World’s youngest Microsoft certified systems provider at age 14, Anup Tapadia is the Founder of Touchmagix Media Pvt. Ltd. at age 23. With 2 master degrees in CS (Computer Science) from the University of California, Anup moved to India after working for a while in the United States. Touchmagix had been selected as one of the top fourteen start ups showcased at, a start up entrepreneurship event which happened at Pune recently. His technology also enabled his product has been nominated to get funding from Mumbai Angels, an investor firm attending the event. Among the busy schedule of the day, Viewspaper caught up with him for a quick session of Q&A.

VP: Could you tell us a little more about Touchmagix?
Anup: We are basically into interactive media products like screens. For example, you could play football with a friend on this digitally projected screen. We have a floor based version (interactive projection on the floor), a wall based version as well as a table based version.

VP: could you describe your journey since the beginning? What have you achieved till date?

Anup: Touchmagix was incorporated in January, 2009. It all started with a minority report. We had prototyping skills which actually gave way to the idea of having a company. Gradually we identified the business potential in the idea of Touchmagix. Currently we are a team of twelve members. Since January 2009, we have done campaign activations. We deal mostly with advertising and branding. Currently we are working with clients in the league of Nokia and Reebok where we go to malls and other events. We are also working with ad agencies like Percept. We are looking towards permanent installations in malls. We also have tie ups with Mc Donald’s in Mumbai and they are a very hard nut to crack. We have a Franchise model in india and distribution channels abroad.