An Interview with Ashish Daniel

He’s a globetrotter, who gets to drive fancy cars like Ferrari, Audi’s and BMW’s. He boasts of an incredible resume having previously worked with Incredible India, interned with the Hindustan Times, not to mention that his articles frequently feature in leading newspapers across metropolitan cities. He is also a guest columnist with the M magazine. He presented his first radio show when he was just 18 years old, and just 7 years later he is now the new face on Whatcar magazine’s editorial page. We are talking about WhatCar magazine’s assistant editor Ashish Daniel. We caught up with him about how it feels to be living every guy’s dream and much more.

VP: Could you please give a history of your academic background

Ashish: Well… I’m 25 years old, and a graduate in English.

I’ve also taken a journalism course from YMCA.

VP: Tell us about your profession.

Ashish: I edit India’s first and only consumer-based auto magazine, WhatCar.I test drive the latest cars, and keep an eye out for the latest developments at the dealer level, which could help the readers get a great deal.

VP: What are better ways of conserving fuels considering the hike in crude oil?

Ashish: the common rail diesel injection has proved itself very well. CNG is also environment friendly but is not feasible as it reduces the power performance of many cars and as such not feasible.

VP: What are your ideas on Tata’s Nano?

Ashish: It seems like a terrific idea and hats of to the Tata team and Ratan Tata for achieving such a remarkable feat. The Nano will certainly make motoring affordable for millions across the country. You can also expect to see a cascading effect on used car prices, which could correct around 10-15 percent on all small cars.

VP: What’s your take on the current oil price hikes by the government.

Ashish: With international crude prices touching an all time high of 135US$ per barrel there’s little else the government could do.

VP: How did you get in this field?

Ashish: I was always passionate about cars and then I was also very keen on writing and journalism so luckily I managed to get a break and make a career out of my twin interests.

VP: What your take on the youth today.

Ashish: I love their super-confidence and enthusiasm. I believe that today’s youth is bustling with energy and are go-getters. They have a vision, and know what they want in life.

VP: How should one go about enhancing one’s skills that intends to be associated with media while still studying in school or college?

Ashish: You need to be aware of what’s happening across the world. Everything is connected now and it always pays to be informed.

VP :Finally, where do you think India’s automobile section is headed in the future in terms of both growth and in terms of new arrivals?

Ashish: We are still way off in terms of the number of cars we sell and make here every year, as compared to China. But the good news is that manufacturers are now getting in their latest models soon after their international launch to India. In fact, some of them like Hyundai have exclusive India launches (i10). So the best is yet to come for sure.

Compiled by:

Divya Masih